A healthy pet is in great shape. But a happy pet? They feel great inside and out. Pets are the best version of themselves when all their physical as well as emotional needs are being met. That’s why we created our own definition of wellness to make pet parenting easier. Our 5 pillars include Nourishment, Play, Comfort, Companionship and Purpose.



Pet food should be real food. And just like people, they need a well-rounded, balanced diet.

We recommend:

*All-natural diets only

*Personalizing your pet’s diet to their unique needs with our 6 health considerations

*Building a bowl complete with proteins, toppers, hydrators and supplements for maximum nutrition

*Talking to our Pet Foodies — they’ve got nearly a million hours of food and nutrition training



Go for way more than a workout. It’s about exercising your pet’s mind just as much as their body.

We recommend:

*Stimulating games like puzzles and interactive toys

*Leashing up dogs for twice daily walks

*Cat furniture designed for scratching, perching and hiding



For pets, peace of mind is a cozy, secure environment and a body that feels at ease.

We recommend:

*Bedding based on how they like to sleep, not to mention snuggle toys

*A crate or cat lounge to call their own

*Supplements for everything from dental health to mental health

*Brushes for daily care and appointments for regular grooming

*Flea and Tick Armor to keep pests outside



All your best friend wants is to go along for the ride. Make sure they don’t miss the fun by reinforcing good behaviors and reducing anxiety.

We recommend:

*Training collars

*Bringing blankets and CBD products on trips

*Using a carrier and car harness for safe travel



You want to be a good pet parent. Your furry friend wants to be a good boy (or girl). We have advice and tools to help you both out.

*Check out advice on how to bond, play and better understand their behavior

*Take advantage of email reminders and Autoship to make life easier

*Join our loyalty program to get rewarded for all the ways you care for your pet


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