50th & France Opening Spring 2018
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Opening Spring 2018, our newest store in Edina, Minn. at 5045 France Avenue South! The new, small format store will offer a refined product and food selection along with grooming services. Read More

2018 Skijoring Loppet
Christine Schraml

Skijoring is dog-powered skiing! Ski with your best friend (or bring them to cheer on the racers) at Chuck & Don's Skijoring Loppet Jan 27 & Feb 4, 2018 in Minneapolis. Read More

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We understand your pet is part of your family. We carry high quality, natural and holistic brands, so you can feel good about what you feed your pet.

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We adpoted a rescue dog last February Great dog!  However he has areas on his skin that he bites to itch. The vet has had him on steroids, antibiotics and allergy pills however he stll gets the oozing areas. Would a better dog food help or is there a salve to use? Answer Hi Karla, I am not a vet but yes it does sound like it could be an allergy to food. Most often it's an allergy to grain, but it can sometimes be the protein source. You may want to try feeding a grain free food.  We carry many grain free foods at Chuck & Don's. Some of the foods have single sources of protein and some have multiple sources which can make the food more palatable but can also make it harder to figure out what the allergy may be. It can take up to three months for all of the grains to get out of your dog's system.  While you should see results in as little as 2 weeks, there could still be flair ups for the first three months. Another thing you can consider is feeding a raw diet. It's a great way to get your dog the nutrients and moisture they need and it offers some alternative protein sources like rabbit or pheasant which can be harder to find in a kibble. If you do choose to switch, I recommend you do it slowly over a two week period of time, so start by adding 5% of the new food in with their old kibble for the first day or two and then up it to 10% and so on until the dog is 100% onto the new food. Another benefit to grain free is generally you feed less and they poop less, so even though it can be a little more expensive it's not as big of a difference since a bag can go a little further. I would suggest that you discuss the option of grain free foods with your vet before making any determination on how to address this issue.  If you decide to try the grain free food option, call or visit your local Chuck and Don's and one of our knowledgeable team members will be happy would be happy to