Partner and Event Criteria
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Only organizations that meet the criteria may be approved to hold an event at one of Chuck & Don’s locations. Approval of partnerships and events is made at the sole discretion of Chuck & Don’s.

Please note: This is not a forum to request donations or sponsorships.

All Organizations

  • Event must be pet-related.
  • Organizations must adhere to Chuck & Don’s Code of Conduct.
  • Organizations cannot sell competing products (such as pet food and leashes). If the organization does conduct sales (calendars, t-shirts, etc.), they will be solely responsible for the entire financial transaction.
  • Organization must operate in our area(s) of business.
  • Organization must provide adequate staffing/volunteers for the event. Chuck & Don’s team members will not be available to assist with event.
  • If organization is providing health services beyond nail trims, it is properly trained and certified to provide said services.
  • Health services, if approved, provided for pets only, not people.
  • All animals must be current on vaccinations. Parties responsible for a biting/scratching animal must submit proof that the animal was up-to-date on vaccinations at the time of the incident.
  • No alcohol on premises.
  • If organization wants to collect donations/fundraise, Chuck & Don’s must have an up-to-date 501(c)3 on file.


  • There is no charge to organizations to hold events.
  • If non-501(c)3 organizations charge a fee to event participants, organization must donate 15% to a non-profit animal-related charity.

Deadlines for Event Request Submission*:

Request must be received by: For events held:
November 1 January 15 to April 20
February 1 April 15 to July 20
May 1 July 15 to October 20
August 1 October 15 to January 20

*These dates have been established in order to allow for time to properly promote and ensure a successful event. Submission requests will be considered after these deadlines, however they will not be included in Chuck & Don’s promotional and marketing materials. Accepting event submissions after marketing deadlines will be determined by each Chuck & Don’s store manager.

Please allow up to two weeks for your application to be received and reviewed. If you haven’t received a response regarding your application, please contact the applicable store manager.

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