Event Code of Conduct
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Organization hosting the event agrees to:

  • Bring any necessary supplies needed for its event including waste bags, pet leads and pet collars, paper towels, cleaner (that’s safe around pets) and any other items.
  • Not leave animals unattended.
  • Not borrow toys, treats, or other products sold by Chuck & Don’s. If such items are needed, my organization will purchase them prior to the event or from the cashier at Chuck & Don’s during the time of the event.
  • Clean up after any animals and people who are part of the event, which includes but isn’t limited to dog accidents and any trash that accumulated during the event.
  • Bring first aid materials necessary to handle an animal bite/scratch.
  • For safety reasons, try not bring children under 16 to volunteer or accompany my organization on a scheduled in store event. (If children are brought to the event, the manager on duty may ask the volunteer to make alternate arrangements for the children, or remove them.)
  • Have volunteers not use cell phones on the sales floor.
    • Calls may be made or taken outside of the store but cannot result in leaving animals unattended.
    • Cell phone use must be kept to a minimum and must not disrupt the event.
  • Not bring food and beverages onto the sales floor at any time.
  • Have all volunteers reflect a professional image at all times (including behavior and attire). Personal conversations between volunteers are acceptable as long as they maintain a professional demeanor and the conversation volume isn’t disruptive to other store functions and customers.
  • No smoking, alcohol, or illegal substances on Chuck & Don’s premises (inside and outside the store.)
  • Be solely responsible for any sales my organization conducts (calendars, t-shirts, etc.).
  • Notify Chuck & Don’s immediately if, for any reason, my organization is unable to meet a scheduled event/time or will be late for an event.
  • Confirm at least three days before the event via phone with the store manager for the upcoming event. Store staff must be able to contact event representatives in the event they are late or there are pre-event questions. The following information must be provided:
    • Event attendees names
    • Contact information, including a telephone (cell) number
  • Leave, upon store management’s request, if you cannot abide by the terms of this document or if you disrupt the regular function of our business or customers.
  • Guarantee proper training and certification to provide health care services to pets (excluding nail trims).
  • If my organization is a for-profit organization charging event participants a fee for the event/service (such as massage or teeth cleaning), my organization agrees to donate 15% of revenue to a non-profit animal-related charity.

Violations of any component of this Code of Conduct may result in your organization’s ability to conduct future events in any Chuck & Don’s location. These decisions are made at the sole discretion of Chuck & Don’s. Chuck & Don’s will communicate all violations of this Code of Conduct communicated to your organization’s contact.

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