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A brown labradoodle sitting on a white couch with a blue and grey hedgehog

Attachment Theory 

Attachment Theory toys are like eye candy for dogs. They’re designed in blue, gray and yellow – a spectrum of colors dogs can actually distinguish, just like humans. While they’re literally made to be seen, you’ll only find them exclusively in our stores.


Contrary to commonly held beliefs, dogs aren’t actually colorblind. While their unbridled enthusiasm may lead you to believe they see the world through rose-colored glasses, they really see in shades of gray, blue and yellow. Attachment theory dog toys are designed to help dogs create emotional attachments to specific toys that are stimulating and comforting.

a view of how humans see a full color spectrum  vs. how dogs see a limited color spectrum of blue, grey and slight yellow

Watch their
attachment grow.

With a variety of toys from squeakers and plush chew toys to interactive toys like tug ropes and toys for playing fetch, Attachment Theory has plenty to choose from. With Attachment Theory dog toys, there’s something every dog and dog owner will love.

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