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Collars Harnesses & Leashes

They've never had an impulse (or a squirrel) they didn't want to follow.

“Let’s chase that bike! And that dog! And that cat! Onward!” Your pet has a lot of (bad) ideas about where they’d like to go, but luckily there’s leashes. A standard length is six feet, but four feet is also a good choice for extra control. You can even get a very short traffic leash for big dogs in tight situations. Want to practice returning when their name is called? Try an extra long leash in the safety of your yard (but never the streets).

The width of the leash and the size of its clip should be determined by your pet’s size—big animals need wide leashes with big clips and vice versa for smaller ones. Also, you’ll obviously want both the clip and the leash to be strong. Look for a nylon or leather leash with a stainless steel or brass clip. There are also good recycled material options for leashes and even ones with a glow-in-the-dark stripe or built in LED light for safety.

If you’re working on leash-tugging, anything beyond a basic leash could get dangerous for both of you. But If your pet’s especially chill, you can try a slip lead, which lets you skip the collar and just goes directly around the neck itself. There are also hands-free leashes, which let your dog stroll calmly beside you while you’re busy pushing a stroller or carrying groceries (but make sure you pick one with an extra handle to grab, just in case).

Are you a proud trail blazer of cat-walking? Retractable leashes are another great option for easy-going pets, especially cats, who like having extra room to wander and explore. But be careful as these aren’t ideal for kids to use, and if used improperly can cause injury.

Plus, you can make your walk twice as nice with a leash coupler. Just add it to a regular leash to join two dogs together. But make sure your walking buddies are roughly the same size, because otherwise things could get bumpy.

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