Second Plymouth Store Opening Party

Murrow the Frenchie

Celebrate our new Plymouth store (Hwys 169 & 55) store opening July 21 and 22, 2018 with free events and community partners. Enjoy Grand Opening savings too.

Events include:

Tasting Picnic

Sat. July 21, 9am-1pm

Summer Splash Party

Sun. July 22, 10am-2pm

Anytime during and after the celebration stop in and see the custom wood artwork by local artists (and dog lovers) Hagen and Oats celebrating the store and neighborhood.

Greenwood Village Opening Weekend Celebration


Celebrate our newest Colorado store with a weekend of parties and enter-to-win gift baskets.

Thursday: VIP Party

July 12, 5-7pm
Enjoy treats for people and pets, enter to win prizes and receive a limited-edition giveaway (while supplies last).

Friday: Tasting Party

July 13, 5-7pm
Bring your pet to try our dehydrated and freeze-dried food sample bar.

Saturday: Pawty on the Patio

July 14, 12-4pm
Bring your dog for a make-your-own doggie sundae. Complete it with toppings to suit your dog’s unique preferences.

Sunday: Spa Sunday

July 15, 12-4pm
Relax with discounted dog washes and a doggie sundae bar.  Learn about craniosacral therapy.

More About Our Greenwood Village Store

We joined forces with Pet Outfitters as its owners retired, and we’re proud to carry on their tradition of customer service, premium foods and a passion for animals.

With a self-serve dog wash, expanded shopping area and plenty of room for treats and toys, our Greenwood Village team is ready to find the best for your pets.

See the store, meet the team and celebrate our newest Colorado Chuck & Don’s.

All events are while supplies last. Chuck & Don’s reserves the right to change the events without notice.

Chuck & Don's 2018 Happiest Pet


The 2018 Happiest Pet is Lady Lake!

“Lady Lake came from the town of Lady Lake, Florida. She was rescued by my father and, when he passed away in 2012, she became my great inheritance.

“In MN, she lived with her tripod brother Mason, a Papillon/Sheltie mix who she would enthusiastically wrestle with daily. And she loved her tripod German Shepherd sister KC (although there was a little sibling rivalry at first).

“Lady loved going for walks, lounging in the sun, playing with toys, wrestling with Mason, eating peanut butter Buddy Biscuits and sitting on my lap every morning and night. She was my running partner (I use the term loosely) at the Fast and Furry 5K9 for several years which she loved so much. It was made even happier when she celebrated with a Glam Doll donut.

“Lady was a gossip girl and always wanted to know what was going on around her. She loved everyone, and had a way of making people with special needs feel like royalty when she had the chance to meet them. She would always give them kisses.

“The week before Thanksgiving, Lady was diagnosed with gastrointestinal lymphoma and the news devastated us. Throughout her illness, she stayed happy (treats and affection from our friends at Chuck & Don’s Highland Park helped a lot!). We thought of each day with her as a gift.

“Lady Lake passed away on March 23 with her brother and sister right by her side. Her life has left a hole in our hearts and our home, as she was the biggest personality in our house and the life of the party as you can tell by her smile.

“Her photo, which truly exemplifies Lady, was taken by our friend, Tiffany Thompson, at the Peace Garden at Lake Harriet in early September just before she got sick. The butterflies were flying all around her, and there was a heart shaped cloud above. She had such a fabulous day that day and was truly in her glory. She loved being the center of attention!

“Lady exemplifies how wonderful and loving pit bulls are, and I hope this photo helps show that. Thank you for honoring her in such a wonderful way! We are so lucky to have had Lady in our lives and thrilled to share her infectious smile with others.”

Gigi, Ken, Mason and KC are donating the 2018 Happiest Pet $250 gift card to local rescues, in honor of her life and legacy.

Category Winners

See our category winners below. We’ll share more about these smiling pets in social media posts in the coming weeks.


Arlo, 2018 Cat Category Winner


Diva, 2018 Dog Category Winner


Doakes and Willow, 2018 Pets and their Humans Category Winners


Wyatt, Morgan and Virgil, 2018 Small Animal/Multiple Pet Category Winner

Tips for Summer Hydration

dogHydrated, happier and healthier pets.

We all know the importance of hydration for people and pets. Yet, some pets are picky drinkers, shy away from water or just don’t realize when they’re dehydrated. Here’s our favorite tips to entice your pet to stay hydrated.

Hydration for Dogs Away from Home

  • Get a collapsible bowl or portable water bottle for car rides, walks and grand adventures.
  • Add an extra incentive to the water, like bone broth or goat’s milk.
  • Reward your dog with small treats or praise after drinking from a portable water bottle or bowl.

If your dog isn’t immediately ready to drink out of your portable drinking method, build up slowly. Practice drinking from a portable water bottle at home. Once your dog is comfortable with drinking from the portable container at home, practice on walks or during short car rides before going on a long adventure.

Some dogs may need a lot of encouragement to drink from a new dish. Every time your dog drinks, reward with praise or treats. If you need to encourage your dog to try the water, try adding bone broth or goat’s milk to the water or placing peanut butter on the edge of the drinking area.

Find tips on keeping your dog cool in our Keeping Pets Cool article.

8 Tips for Keeping Cats Hydrated

  1. Keep water fresh. Change the water frequently and also clean out your cat’s water dish. Cats will naturally avoid stagnant water or old water.
  2. Cool down your cat’s water. Try adding ice cubes to water if it’s heating up too quickly.
  3. Share with your cat. Sometimes cats want to drink out of your water cup. Pour them their own fresh cup.
  4. Try a new bowl. Cats don’t always like their whiskers touching the edge of the bowl, so try different shapes, depths or materials.
  5. Place multiple water bowls around your cat’s most traveled areas. This reminds your cat to drink often.
  6. Try filtered water or water straight from the tap. Cats can detect the differences and may prefer one or the other.
  7. Flavor your cat’s water with a bone broth for cats. Make sure to follow guidelines on keeping bone broth at room temperate, as it can spoil quickly.
  8. Add canned or raw food to their diet. With the higher water content, it’s an easy way to increase your cat’s water intake.

Keeping Your Reptiles Hydrated

Ensure your pet’s room is an appropriate temperature and humidity level. Consider moving them to a different room or a different part of the room if the weather is too hot or cold.

Provide options for your reptile to self-regulate its body through basking, burrowing or other natural behaviors for your pet. Add in the option to regulate heating or lighting, so the enclosure doesn’t overheat.

If appropriate, provide dish of water, mist more often or add a substrate material that naturally retains water. If you are increasing water misting or water-retaining material, look for mildew or mold forming and take measure to eliminate it.

Check with your veterinarian for warning signs, tips for summer care and how to keep your reptile hydrated.

More Bone Broth Benefits for Dogs and Cats

Bone broth entices your pet to drink water is packed with more benefits. It’s used to support the immune system, reduce allergies, promote healthy digestion, strengthen bones, improve skin and coat, and reduce inflammation and joint paint.

Packed with bone marrow, collagen, gelatin, amino acids and minerals, bone broth especially aids in a healthy gut. The gut is the hub of the immune system, and bone broth aids in nutrient absorption and promoting healthy gut flora.

Bone broth can be particularly helpful for aging dogs as can boost the immune system, reduce inflammation for things like arthritis and encourage eating.

We carry frozen, shelf stable and powdered bone broth, so that you can choose the one that works best for your pet.

Always follow directions when giving bone broth to your pets. Avoiding giving pets meat stocks used for cooking, as they can contain added sodium and other ingredients potentially harmful to pets.

Finding What’s Right

Your pet’s health and safety is our priority. Always see your veterinarian if you’re concerned about your pet’s health or hydration levels.

Our team members are devoted to finding the best solution for your pet. Through training, experience and learning from others, our team is equipped to provide options and recommendations.

New Dog Treats and Food

We’re always searching for the most enticing food and treats.

Here are our new products in stores now.

Gibson’s™ Toasted Bacons


Gibson’s Toasted Bacons

Opening the bag brings a wave of irresistible bacon aroma. With no grains, high-quality meats and flavors for all doggy preferences, Gibson’s Toasted Bacons taste, smell and look just like bacon. They’re the treat you just need to try.

They’re made and packaged in the USA at a USDA-certified facility. Locally sourced is in the DNA of its makers, so of course that’s the first approach for creating these high-reward treats.

Find Gibson’s Toasted Bacons online or in our stores.

Wild Meadow Farms™ Premium Dog Treats


Wild Meadow Farms – Minis

Choose bite-sized or mini strips to find the perfect treat size for your dog. Family-owned and run Wild Meadow Farms created these natural jerky texture treats with no sugar, salt, corn, wheat or soy. Almost no dogs turn down these high-quality treats.

The minis are versatile as a training treat, food topper and a high-frequency and low calorie treat for increasing your human-animal bond.

Bites are easy to portion, making them ideal for pet owners with multiple size dogs. Just tear up the treats into different sizes to suit each pet.

Both treats are soft, so even senior dogs or dogs with dental issues can enjoy them.

Buy Wild Meadow Farms in our stores or at

Earthborn® Holistic Venture™


Earthborn Holistic Venture

With limited-ingredients and single-source proteins, Earthborn Holistic Venture may be right for your dog, especially if you battle with a picky eater or a sensitive stomach. Learn more about Earthborn Holistic Venture.


Raising Awareness 2018

Dog gives high five

Every year, Chuck & Don’s is excited to raise money for our non-profit partners and causes. You can help us make a difference in our communities.
Donate any dollar amount at the register or round up your purchase.
100% of funds raised go directly to the recipient organizations.



PawsCo is about collective impact; it’s about changing lives. PawsCo strives to make a systemic difference in animal welfare through a comprehensive approach that includes three divisions:
1. Spay/Neuter to prevent unwanted pets
2. Pet Food Drive to keep pets with their families during difficult times
3. Adoptions to work as a resource to shelters and assist animals in need
PawsCo is a 100% volunteer-run organization committed to collaboration, education, and efficient operation.

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue (RMRF) makes a lifelong commitment to every cat it accepts into their shelter. In 2017, RMFR placed 1,585 cats into new homes. RMFR has space for 125 cats in their free-roaming shelter, and they prioritize being a safe-space for FIV+, FeLV+, and senior cat populations. RMFR will not euthanize a healthy animal and has no expectations for how long it should take for an animal to find their new home.



Wild and Free a non-profit organization, is dedicated to the education of the public regarding wildlife, their habitat and relieving the pain and suffering of wild animals. Professional and humane care is provided in efforts to preserve our local wildlife. They accomplish this through the cooperation of concerned citizens and the DNR. Wild and Free provides rescue, medicine, surgery and physical therapy leading to the release of wildlife into their natural habitat. The many hours of professional treatment and cost of medications, as well as volunteer care are rewarded when healthy animals can be released back into their natural habitats… Wild and Free!


Minnesota and Wisconsin

Can Do Canines is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with specially trained dogs. Since 1989, Can Do Canines has provided assistance dogs free of charge. Fully-trained dogs are provided to clients with mobility challenges, hearing loss or deafness, seizure disorders, diabetes complicated by hypoglycemia unawareness or children with autism. Can Do Canines is the largest provider of assistance dogs in Minnesota and relies on individual contributions to support its important work. It costs more than $25,000 to train and place an assistance dog.


We are so grateful to our customers that help us make a positive impact in our community.

Dave’s Pet Food Cans Recall

Dave's Pet Food logo

Chuck & Don’s is aware that a voluntary recall has been initiated on Dave’s Pet Food due to the potential that they contain elevated levels of a beef thyroid hormone.


The recall consists of a single batch of 95% Premium Beef 13-ounce cans. We’ve taken steps to ensure this specific product is not available in our stores.

We take the well-being of our customer’s pets seriously. Feel free to contact any of our stores to discuss this recall further. Please refer to the notice on Dog Food Advisor for specific details.

Informing You

We also make recall information available via e-mail to our customers so please make sure your e-mail is listed with us to receive e-mail alerts directly about product recalls.

Earthborn Holistic Venture - Now at Chuck & Don's


Venture, the dog, has allergies, so he eats Earthborn Holistic Venture

Safe and exceptional ingredients are the cornerstone of every Earthborn Holistic® Venture™ recipe.

Venture is Earthborn Holistic’s new limited ingredient recipe that has everything you want and nothing you don’t. Each Venture recipe contains no grain, gluten, potato, egg, beef, colorants, fillers, by-products or artificial preservatives. Ingredients are responsibly sourced and made without genetically modified ingredients.

Nutrient Rich, Single Source

Using single animal protein recipes, Venture is created especially for picky eaters and sensitive stomachs. Each protein is nutrient rich and sustainably sourced.

Wild-caught Alaska Pollock is sourced through an MSC Certified Responsible Fishery, and it can be directly traced from the ocean to the final pet food. This Pollock is a natural source of Omega-3s and contains no antibiotics or hormones.

Farm-raised duck is sourced directly from France. Duck is high-quality alternative for dogs allergic to common proteins such as chicken and beef. It’s high in amino acids, is easily digestible and is rich in iron.

Turkey is a unique alternative for dogs with sensitivies. Sourced from family-owned farms in America’s Midwest region, its lean protein builds and maintains muscle.

As a novel protein, rabbit is an all white-meat protein that is ideal for dogs with sensitivities, food allergies or less active dogs. This rabbit is exclusively sourced from Pays de la Loire, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Brittany regions of France.

Raised in America’s Midwest region, pork is a good source of Vitamin B6, thiamin, selenium, niacin, zinc, phosphorous, riboflavin and potassium.

Safety First

Every recipe is rigorously tested in independent research laboratories to ensure quality, nutrition and safety. Midwestern Pet Foods, makers of Earthborn Holistic, prides itself in having zero recalls in over 90 years of business.

Giving Back to Earth

Earthborn Holistic Venture bags are made with up to 30% plant-based plastic. Made from renewable and sustainable Brazilian sugercane ethanol, the bags result in a negative carbon footprint.

This BPA-free bag is also 100% recyclable through our TerraCycle program.

When you buy Earthborn Holistic Venture, your UPC can plant a tree. Find more about the UPCs for Trees program.

About Earthborn Holistic

Earthborn Holistic, owned by Midwestern Pet Foods, is an Indiana-based, family-owned business focused on quality since 1926.

Keeping Pets Cool


Jake, a Chuck & Don’s family member

Beyond being comfortable, it’s important to keep your pets cool in hot weather.

Like humans, pets can overheat, sunburn and dehydrate.

Exercise During Cool Hours

Go for walks in the early morning or late evening to avoid the hottest weather. Be aware of the temperature of concrete or roads, as these surfaces can heat up quickly and retain heat for long periods.

To test if a surface is too hot for your pet, place the back of your hand on the surface for five seconds. If you can’t keep your hand there for five seconds, the ground is too hot for your pet.

Comfortable and Relaxed

Adding a cooling mat to your dog’s normal rest area offers an additional option on hot days. Coolin’ Pet Pads™ are made from heavy-duty material and are filled with water. The water naturally pulls heat from your pet and radiates it into the air or floor.


K&H Coolin’ Pet Pad

Add a Coolin’ Pet Pads to an existing dog bed or place it directly on the floor. For optimum performance, place the pad on a hard surface so it isn’t insulated by its surroundings.

Increase your dog’s cool haven by adding a Coolin’ Pet Cot Cover to your K&H Pet Cot. The dual cooling action keeps your pet cool and relaxed all summer.

These mats are designed for dogs, and are suitable for normal use for cats, too.

Water, water, water

Hydration is key to every summer activity. Keep lots of water nearby, take water breaks and don’t be afraid to take a trip to a river or lake! You can even wet down your dog before a walk to keep them cool.

If you’re looking for hydration on the go, try Dexas Collapsible Travel Cups or Messy Mutts to keep water with you on walks and adventures.


Dexas Collapsible Travel Cup


Messy Mutts Travel Waterbottle

Shade and Sunburns

Dogs, like humans, can burn from the sun. When possible, choose shady places to play and rest.

A summer shave helps dog lose heat but too close of a shave could remove your dog’s natural UV protection. Ask your groomer for your dog’s ideal hair length.

Watch Humidity

Animals pant so they can cool off through evaporation. If the humidity is high, panting is less effective. Keep your dog in cooler areas, limit exercise and keep plenty of water available on humid days.

CBD and Your Pets


Chuck & Don’s is devoted to selling the highest-quality products so pet parents can provide the best care to their pets.

With strong demand for CBD products in the Colorado market, we’re excited to offer them to our Minnesota customers.

Our lines of CBD supplements might aid in keeping pets calm, optimally healthy and pain-free. We’re sharing how CBD can add joy to your pet’s life.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural, non-nutritional remedy for pain management, anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy, inflammation, cancer symptoms, gastro-intestinal tract issues, nausea and other kinds of physical or emotional pain. It’s also used as a neuroprotectant to protect the brain’s neuron structure and function.

Research shows that full spectrum CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and significantly boosts the immune system. Some research suggests that, without full spectrum CBD being consumed on a regular basis, mammals cannot reach optimal levels of health.

How does it work?

Mammals have an endocannabinoid system that regulates sleep, immune-system response and pain. This endocannabinoid system has receptors all over the body, and it works to keep the body functioning at a stable internal level.

When CBD enters a mammal’s body, it naturally stimulates the endocannabinoid system and enhances communication between the brain and receptors throughout the body.

Where does CBD come from?

It’s derived from the hemp plant, which is in the cannabis plant family.

What is cannabis?

Like citrus is a family of fruits, cannabis is a family of plants. The most widely recognized plants from the cannabis family are hemp and marijuana. Like lemons and oranges, hemp and marijuana are in the same plant family and have significantly different properties.

A key difference between hemp and marijuana is the levels of CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) chemicals naturally found in each plant. THC has psychoactive properties and causes a euphoric “high.” CBD encourages the body to use its endocannabinoid system more effectively, and it is not a psychoactive.

Marijuana has high THC and low CBD, while hemp has very low THC and high CBD. To be sold nationally, CBD must have indiscernible levels of THC, less than 0.03%.

Does CBD have any side effects?

CBD can calm the body and provide pain-relieving sensations. CBD is sold at many veterinarian offices, and is a way to manage pet discomfort.

Ask your veterinarian before adding it to your pet’s routine. Always responsibly give CBD products to your pets.

How can I give CBD to my pet?

We offer CBD oil, pills, ointment and treats. Depending on the type of CBD oil, give the oil directly to your pet or add it to your pet’s food. Pills are available for dogs over 80 lbs. Ointments with CBD are a topical way to soothe pain or soften paws or noses. Use CBD treats while away from home, in higher-stress situation or as a part of your pet’s routine.

How much does my pet need?

Dosage is based on weight and your pet’s condition. Always start at the recommended usage and increase as needed.

Can I give CBD to my pet with food?

For most CBD products, it’s recommended to wait at least 15 minutes before and after mealtime when administering CBD products. Giving CBD to your pet outside of mealtime helps the body absorb it. Some CBD products can be added to food and still retain its benefits.

Follow instructions on product for maximum effectiveness.

Is there CBD for cats?

Yes! We carry CBD supplements specifically formulated for cats.

Can my healthy pet use CBD?

Absolutely! It’s considered preventative for many issues because it’s an anti-inflammatory. Reducing inflammation helps the body maintain peak physical health and guard against diseases that cause inflammation.

As always, talk with your veterinarian if you have concerns about your pet’s health.