Every dog has unique health needs — based on their breed, age, fitness, geography, conditions and the season. Our wellness bowls were created to help with them all. Each one has a special, balanced combination of proteins, toppers, hydrators and supplements.
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This bowl is built for a working or athletic dog. Its high calorie count gives pets more energy and helps active dogs recover from a long day.

Underweight dogs need more (good) fat and calories. This bowl provides calorie dense foods and goat’s milk for added, healthy weight gain.

Extra weight can cause many health issues for dogs, including heart disease, diabetes, and hip and joint problems. This bowl gives you the perfect mix to help them shed some pounds.

Some dogs suffer taste bud boredom and need a change. This bowl offers freeze-dried raw food to entice your pup to eat. It also offers tasty wet toppers for more variety and adaptability.

Puppies grow fast. They need extra calories and (good) fat to become strong dogs. This bowl will keep up with puppy’s changing nutritional needs.

Is your pet feeling thirsty? Dogs in arid climates need extra hydration. The same goes for dogs with kidney or thyroid issues. This bowl contains plenty of moisture to help with these conditions and ailments.

Seniors need more protein to help their immune systems stay strong. This bowl packs a punch with high protein options and supplements for older hips and joints.

Some dogs have more sensitive stomachs than others. This bowl has gentle ingredients and supplements to aid digestion and support a strong immune system.

This is a perfect bowl for a cold winter day or long winter stretch. Its rich ingredients like pumpkin and bone broth make it both hearty and nutritious.