What would you suggest for a dog that is a picky eater?


I have a Goldendoodle who is a picky eater. Currently I’m feeding him the Wellness kibble, which I’ve been told is a very good food. He doesn’t seem to get very excited about his food and will take all day to finish. Is there a better option for picky eaters?


Some dogs can be picky eaters. Dogs that have food available all day are dogs I call “grazers.” If food is available at all times throughout the day, the dog knows that he/she does not have to eat it when it is time to eat because the food will be there later.

If the food doesn’t get eaten during the day you might want to give a little less each day. The guidelines on the bags are for all breed of dogs and all activity levels.  Treats should also be counted in the amount of food the dog receives a day. If a dog gets quite a few treats that could also be a reason for not eating all the kibble.

Wellness is a good brand of food. With Wellness you can rotate the protein sources from Chicken, Lamb or Fish. A change in protein may spark interest in eating.  But remember to do a blend of old and new food.

One more thing to consider is when the kibbles are exposed to light and airy the flavor starts breaking down or it goes stale. Make sure you leave food in the original bag sealed up. Some dogs will eat well from a new bag of food and then near the bottom of the bag get picky. That is because the food has started to taste stale and lacks the flavor.

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