What should a diet be for a dog with Cushings?


What would you recommend for a diet with a dog on Cushings? Our dog's skin is so easily agraviated with hot spots, dry patches, bumps, and itching. We would like a commerically prepared dry food for convenience as we travel often. 


Take all grains and most of the carbohydrates out of your dog’s diet. Feed them the least processed diet that they can tolerate.

Raw high protein diets are best. If raw is not possible feed them a grain free, potato free, high protein, high quality canned food. You may also want to try freeze dried raw which will be great for travel. Nature’s Variety Instinct, Primal and Stella & Chewy’s, among many others, all make frozen raw and freeze dried raw formulas. These will all be high in protein and low in carbs, although each will have a different level of protein.

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