New Plush & Cozy Pet Beds

Add a plush, durable and affordable bed to your pet's snuggle routine. New beds by Happy Tails are available for every size, style and lounging preference.

Top 3 Reasons to Give a Pet a Bed

  1. A bed gives a pet a place of their own. Beds are a safe place for pets to go. Providing beds in different places in the house allows your pet to choose a resting place that matches their needs. A bed in the living room provides socialization, and a bed in a quiet room gives them space when they need it.
  2. A plush bed can offer relief and comfort from pain and discomfort. Pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia or other ailments may find a orthopedic or memory foam bed offers additional support for their body.
  3. Keeping your pet clean can be a challenge. Try as we might, our pets track in dirt and our floors aren't always as clean as we'd like. A pet bed is an easy spot for your pet to escape normal floor dirt and it can be easier for you to clean than your sofa.

Posh Flower Pull String Bed

This flower bed blooms or closes to fit your dog's preferred snuggling method. Pull the draw string to make a soft haven or release the draw string to allow for comfortable relaxing.

Vintage Denimdog-bed

Washed denim adds a touch of softness to the rugged look. And just like your favorite jeans, these beds match perfectly with new and old styles.

Cat Plaid Bedscat-bed

Thick, plush Sherpa-fleece is a resting spot every cat appreciates. The cozy interior offers security and the higher edges offer a chin rest for after nap reflections.

Memory Foam Beds & Cuddlersdog-bed

Memory foam offers excellent therapeutic support, ensures good air circulation while sleeping and molds to the contours of your pet's body. With the different designs and sizes, you'll find the match for your style and pet's size.

Plaid Beds Cuddlersdog-bed

With soothing colors, there's a plaid cuddler or bed that will suit you and your dog. Filled with reclaimed poly fiber, these beds are good for your pet and keep the environment greener.

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Find your pet's new snuggly hideaway at any Chuck & Don's. Styles and sizes vary by store, but there's a perfect Happy Tails bed waiting for you.
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