Do you recommend a bark collar for small dogs?


Do you condone the use of shock or sonic collars for a small dog that barks? We have put off doing this, but are at a point where we think the stress our dog goes thru when barking at a passerby is worse for her health than the collar would be. Also, do you carry a brand that you would recommend in your store? Our dog weighs 16 lbs.


Thank you for contacting Chuck & Don’s Pet Food & Supplies with your question. I understand the frustration with a barking dog but please know that barking is a perfectly normal behavior. Dogs bark for many reasons; excessive or nuisance barking may be due to boredom or loneliness and a bark control device may be an option. There are 3 correction methods: tone, stimulation (shock), and citronella spray correction. They are all based on the same principle. The collars activate when your dog barks and introduce a corrective stimulus that disrupts barking. Your dog will then associate this correction with barking and learn to curb nuisance barking.

All training collars are designed not to hurt or punish your pet. The correction stimulation (shock) is comparable to the static generated from walking through carpet. I recommend the PetSafe Deluxe Collars as they have a patented technology that detects vibration and sound to ensure precise activation. With your small dog you can safely control their big barks with the PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Bark Control Collar. If you do not want to use the corrective stimulation (shock) you can go with a tone or citronella spray correction. The citronella spray anti-barking collar is designed to release a spray of citronella whenever a dog begins that undesirable barking. Citronella is harmless but it is distracting and unpleasant to the sensitive noses of dogs. To avoid the repeat of future spraying incidents your dog should quickly learn that he should refrain from any additional barking behavior.

The ultrasonic (tone) barking collars are best used in outdoor settings. In fact they are often referred to as outdoor bark control devices. When your dog begins to bark these collars will begin to send out a very high pitched tone that is supposed to distract your noisy pet to the point where he will cease those barking sounds.

I would suggest only having the bark control device on while the problem occurs. For example if it’s when your dog goes outside and barks simply place the collar on before he goes outside. If the barking problem occurs when you’re not home leave the collar on while you’re not home and remove it when you get home.

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