Small Animal Products


We carry a variety of quality food, bedding and other products for your small animal. Click the tabs below for more information. For specific information call the nearest store.

Small Animal Information | Product Categories

Small Animal Information

Each category of small animals has unique dietary and environmental needs. We carry food, treats, hay and other products for each and every one of them. And the expertise to help you find the right ones.

Hay for nesting and a balanced diet.

Hay addresses a number of important needs of your small animal, both as nesting material and an important resource for digestive health. Each small animal type requires different types and proportions of hay. We stock alfalfa, oat, botanica, timothy and organic meadow hay among others.

Pellets tailored to your pet’s needs.

Pellets provide a staple of your small animal’s diet, a complete sources of vitamins and minerals. We carry pellets specially formulated to the needs of each small animal category. These provide a balanced diet, combining ingredients grass, whole grain, seeds, nuts, fruits and vitamins in the right proportion. If these ingredients are provided separately the pet will pick through them for its favorites. Over time this can lead to obesity and other health problems.

Treats are nutritional and help you bond with your pet.

We carry treats for all categories of small animals, tailored specifically to their dietary needs. Like all treats, these should constitute a small proportion of your pet’s diet. Pets will fill up on treats and ignore staples in their diet.

Cages for small animals.

Please see the store nearest you for cage options that may be right for your small animal.

Ask our team members to help you with your small animal’s needs.

Product Categories

Food & Treats

  • Pellet
  • Specialty seeds
  • Natural hays
  • Treat Sticks
  • Chew treats


  • Pine
  • Aspen
  • Cedar
  • Recycled paper
  • Natural


  • Cages
  • Cage attachments and tunnels
  • Exercise balls
  • Wheels
  • Water bottles
  • Cage cleaners
  • Vitamins/supplements