Schedule an Event

Deadlines for submission are as follows. Please submit an application to become approved to hold events at one of our Chuck & Don’s locations if you have not done so.

Request must be received by: For events held:
November 1 January 15 to April 20
February 1 April 15 to July 20
May 1 July 15 to October 20
August 1 October 15 to January 20

*These dates are established to allow for time to properly promote and ensure a successful event. Submission requests will be considered after these deadlines, however they will not be included in Chuck & Don’s promotional materials. Each Chuck & Don’s store manager will determine whether to accept event submissions after these deadlines.

Store Event Application

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Enter the fee for a provided service, if any. Do not include adoption fees.

Enter where collected fees will be donated to, if any.