How to transition from one dog food to another


Recently you stopped selling Wellness Tru Food which was baked and composed of chicken and chicken liver. I believe that the manufacturer stopped manufacturing this particular product. Our dog West Highland White Terrier) enjoys this food (she tends to be somewhat selective in her food choices-would exist on treats if she could) and this food didn’t bother her stomach. We do have a few bags left. Do you have a recommendation of a replacement food that would satisfy her fussiness and help negate any stomach issues?


Hello, John!

It’s hard to see food lines come and go when we know many of our customers are feeding something because it just plain works for their companion animal. Given your Westie’s propensity for tummy troubles, I’d start transitioning well before you run out of her current food. This way, you have the ability to do a long, slow transition and, if you get to a point where you just know what you’re transitioning to isn’t going to work, you can back up and try something else.

My first recommendation would be the Now Fresh! Small Breed Adult food. It isn’t baked, but it is extruded as a far lower temperature than most kibble. It is highly palatable and has high digestibility. It is also created with the “little white dog” in mind with added cranberries and blueberries to help with tear stains.

Many sensitive tummy dogs also do really well on Holistic Select. Again, it isn’t baked but has good inclusion of pre- and probiotics for digestion paired with a slimmer ingredient profile than many kibbles have.

If you’d like to try another baked kibble, Lotus has been in the baked business for many years and has an excellent track record when it comes to digestibility. Stella & Chewy’s is new to baked kibble but, so far, our customers are really happy with its palatability.

She hasn’t been on a “limited ingredient” food, but going that route can be helpful with digestion. Look at Zignature, Pure Vita, and Natural Balance if the others don’t work for her.

I usually recommend transitioning in 25% ratios. Store the food separately and, using measured scoops (don’t “pre-mix”) start with 25% of the new food to 75% of her old food. Feed this for three to five days OR until her stools look “normal” before increasing to 50%/50%. Repeat the waiting period before increasing to 75% new/25% old. For dogs with major sensitivities, you may need to go even slower, increasing in 10% ratios instead of 25%. If she does well on a food at 50/50 but not at 75/25, it’s okay to back up to the 50/50 mark and increase more slowly if you feel she’s doing well on the food in other ways. As always, we guarantee our food: if one doesn’t work, bring it back and talk to a Chuck & Don’s Team Member so we can help you find something that does!