Food for diabetic cat


My diabetic cat has been eating Purina prescription dry DM cat food. What brand do you carry that is closest in nutrition that would compare to the expensive prescription food? Thank you!


Hi, OJ!

Wet food is often the most beneficial to a diabetic cat and it’s far easier to find high protein/low carbohydrate offerings in canned foods than it is in dry kibble (to make a kibble requires binders which, in most cases, means carbs). Getting them as much moisture as possible along with limiting carbohydrates (sugar) can be very helpful in diabetic treatment.

Most dry foods we carry are going to differ in protein content from a prescription food as they contain more protein from meat, but ultimately, less protein than the prescription. The most similar as far as percentage of protein, is going to be Evo’s Chicken & Turkey with 50% protein (as opposed to the prescription’s 51%). Farmina, Tiki Cat, and Orijen also have foods in the “40% protein and above” level with low carb formulae.

I would encourage you to talk to your vet about what specific aspects of the prescription food they find most important and then stop by your local Chuck & Don’s to discuss options more closely tailored to your pet’s specific needs. Best of luck!