Is it ok to feed hamsters grapes?


Is it ok for hamsters to eat grapes? Because my friend got two hamsters and one killed the other so we thought it was them just being together, so they got two more but in two different cages but they also died but they got water and food. Then they got one separate one and it died also. I thought it was the grapes but I don’t know!!


Hi Emily,

Thanks for the question. Sorry to hear about your hamsters. I would suggest you contact a vet to see what the issue could be.

I did some research on feeding small animals grapes. Grapes are not poisonous to hamsters. Remember to wash them carefully so if there is any pesticide it is washed off. Also, try only giving seedless grapes; seeds in a lot of fruit contain small amounts of cyanide. Again, I would suggest you ask a vet about the grapes or what could be the problem.

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