Barking deterrent options


Do you recommend using a bark collar on older dogs? I have a 13 year old miniature doxie who is in good health and remains active. However, she consistently barks when left alone. I am looking to move into an apartment and am concerned she will become a nuisance to neighbors. Any recommendations?


Hi, Jennifer!

 There are several bark deterrent options on the market today and each dog can respond to them very differently. There are shock collars, vibrating collars, citronella spray collars, and collars that emit a high pitched beep. If the high-pitched beep seems like it would do the trick, there are little boxes you can get which plug in (no batteries required) and that will cover a decent area of the average apartment. This option seems to be the least invasive as there’s nothing she has to wear to make it work. There are dogs that will continue to bark regardless of the consequences, so before investing in any of these options, I would look at why your dog is barking. If it’s separation anxiety, “punishing” your dog (using a negative stimulus) for how she behaves when you’re absent could worsen the problem rather than improve it. If she’s sensitive to noises, there are ways to desensitize her rather than possibly make the noises more scary. Behaviorally, you need to expect the same behavior from her when you are home as you expect when you’re gone. If it’s okay for her to bark at the door when you’re home, it’s okay to do it when you’re gone, too. If barking is undesirable, she needs to be given an alternative, replacement behavior and collars don’t really give you a way to communicate that, especially with an aging dog who has never been exposed to such things and whose barking may get worse if her hearing or vision is fading at all. There are puzzle toys and chews to keep her busy, calming treats, anti-anxiety shirts and sprays, and a whole host of other ways to dial down her yipping that would be less likely to end up creating a bigger problem. I would recommend stopping in to your local Chuck & Don’s and speaking to an associate about all of the options available to you. Any we don’t have in the store, we can likely order for you. It’s never an easy decision when we move to places with common walls. Best of luck to you both!


Cat food for the best price


I have a cat that is 7 and he weighs about 16 lbs. I also just got a kitten that is almost 5 months and weighs about 6 lbs. The people at a different pet store said I could give them both the Nutrisource cat and kitten but that is a little pricey for me and I don’t want my 16 lb. cat to gain any more weight. Is there any food that is a little less pricey?


Hi, Abygal!

 There are a few options out there for foods that could be appropriate for both cats. Taste of the Wild is slightly less expensive per pound than the NutriSource Cat & Kitten, however it doesn’t participate in the frequent buyer program so the cost difference is minimal in the long run. Other great cat food options in a similar price range include Fromm and Pure Vita. If you keep in mind that your cats need to eat less food if it’s more calorically dense (typically if we spend a little more on higher quality food, we can feed less and end up spending less on health care). Stop on in to your local Chuck & Don’s and talk to a team member about the options available in your ideal price range. They will need to know what you’re currently feeding and how much to be able to accurately compare calorie counts and real costs.


My dog won't stop itching


My hound mix rescue dog is constantly itching. What supplements or chews should he have to help this problem. He has no fleas, etc. just itching a lot. Maybe dry skin?


Hi, Raymond!

There are so many things that can cause itching including but not limited to: food sensitivities, environmental allergies (think detergents and fabrics, not just seasonal ones like grass and pollen), and stress. Any combination of these can lead to one uncomfortable pup! Even when these are solved for, you may see some licking/chewing behavior that has become habitual and may take time to fade or behavioral medicines to curb. Not knowing which is the cause of your hound’s itching, I’ll try to cover all of the bases.

 There are several skin and coat supplements you can try. Fish oil (Alaska Naturals or NaturVet if you want salmon oil, Grizzly if you’d prefer pollock or krill oil), Bixby Skin & Coat Jerky is a great supplemental chew, and Herbsmith’s Glimmer has received glowing reviews for our customers who have tried it. If you’re looking at an environmental allergy, Herbsmith’s AllerQi would be worth looking at, too.

 If you see no relief with any of the above, you may need to switch foods. The switch could be as simple as trying a different protein (like switching to duck instead of chicken) or finding a more limited ingredient diet. I would encourage you to stop in to your local Chuck & Don’s and speak to one of our associates there about the many, many options for feeding a dog with possible food sensitivities or environmental allergies.

 Best of luck and thank you for rescuing!


Best food for large breed dog



My husband and I get to bring home a puppy in a couple of weeks. He is 3/4 Irish Wolfhound and 1/4 Great Dane. I would like to know if you have any food brands in your store that you recommend? I’ve read a lot about the importance of a low protein diet when Wolfhounds are puppies. I would obviously prefer to not buy a food that will break the bank, but I want to make sure we are feeding him a healthy diet. We currently feed our Weimaraner the Zignature’s duck formula.

What do you think?


Hi, Amanda!

Congratulations on your new baby boy!

We have several large breed puppy foods that could work for your pup. “Low protein” tends to be a simple way of telling people to feed a lower calorie food. Watching calories and calcium is far more important to large/giant breed pups than protein amount. Making sure that protein comes from a quality meat source rather than versions of corn, soy, or various gluten meals is the best way to go. Fromm has two large breed puppy foods – Gold (grain inclusive with protein from duck, chicken , lamb, eggs and cheese) and Heartland Gold (grain free with beef, pork and lamb proteins). NutriSource has a large breed puppy in a simple chicken and rice formula. First Mate has an All Life Stages large breed food that won’t have the perfect calcium : phosphorus ratio, but it’s pretty close if you feel puppy foods are too rich for him. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Orijen’s large breed puppy food would be higher protein and calorie if he doesn’t seem to maintain weight on the lower protein foods.

 Zignature doesn’t currently make a puppy food, but all of their various proteins have about a .2% variation in their calcium : phosphorus ratio so if you needed to feed both dogs the same thing sooner rather than later, it would be an option to discuss with your vet.

 Stop on by your local Chuck & Don’s and take a tour of the possibilities! Any one of our team members would be happy to help you compare the labels and guaranteed analysis of these or any other food you’d be interested in to help you make a decision. We hope to see you soon!


Return open bags of food


Wondering what your policy is on opened cat food? I bought earth born holistic food for my cats and they absolutely hate it! Wondering if there is anything I can do with the huge bag of food I bought?


Hi Joni,

Yes – you can always return your pet food to Chuck & Don’s, even if it has been opened. Thanks!

Dog is breaking out in hives - is it the food?


I have previously fed my 5 year old English Bulldog Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Egg Grain Free formula with good results. It looks like it is presently discontinued while their new formula is being sent out. I tried the ACANA chicken option and my dog is breaking out so he must have some sort of allergic reaction to something in the food. Is there any other food you could recommend or do you know when you will be receiving the new Purina Pro Plan Turkey/Chicken blend grain free formula?


Hi, Josh!

A few things could be going on here. If he’s breaking out in hives, an allergy is more likely. If he’s breaking out in doggy acne on his face specifically, some would say it could be a “detox” period that he’ll get over and others might suggest decreasing the oil in his food. Either way, switching isn’t a terrible idea! I’d recommending stopping into your local Chuck & Don’s and chatting with a team member there to look at your options. I would consider NutriSource’s grain free Chicken & Pea formula as it will be a bit simpler than the Acana (fewer protein sources) while still keeping your protein and fat percentages within range of what he’s used to. A second option would be Farmina N&D Chicken in their Pumpkin Formula. It fulfills his current requirements and adds in some great, natural anti-inflammatories and digestive aids so dogs with sensitivities tend to do very well on it. Nutrisca also has a grain free chicken that may work for you. If chickpeas are causing his problem, the Acana and Nutrisca wouldn’t give much relief but the Farmina would still be an option.

 I’m not sure when the new Purina formulas will be reaching shelves, but your local store can certainly look into special ordering it for you if it hasn’t made its way into our system yet.

 Best of luck!


How do I register my rescue on the Chuck & Don's website?


I would like to register my rescue so we may have adoption days events with you. The store manager directed me to the website but I don’t see where I can register. Can you help?

Thank you!


Hello Shannon,

Here is the link to fill everything out online;

Thank you for your time. Please let me know if there is anything else we can help with!

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Does Chuck & Don's carry bone meal supplements?


Wondering if you have a bone meal supplement in stores? We make our dogs food, due to allergies, and the vet recommended a bone meal supplement to help with calcium.


Hello Sara,

Thank you for inquiring about supplements within our stores.

Without knowing all of your dog’s vital statistics and what exact ingredients you are using, it’s difficult to make a specific recommendation on a product. We have several supplements that may work for you and can certainly order others for you if you know which you’d prefer.

  • The Honest Kitchen’s Pro Bloom (dehydrated goats milk) is 1.2% calcium.
  • The Honest Kitchen’s Bone Broth is .23%
  • Solid Gold’s Sea Meal is approximately .03 g/tsp
  • Steve’s Real Food has a line of freeze dried raw goats milk:
    Cannagurt is .47%
    Carnaforage is .82%
    Dog Nog is .47%
  • Steve’s Real Food also has a raw frozen goats milk yogurt that is 1.08%

If you prefer to go with a calcium powder or meal, consider looking at plant-based calcium or egg shells rather than actual bone as it tends to be more easily digestible. There are a few kelp- or seaweed-based calcium supplements on the market today that fare well when compared to some of the bone meals that don’t identify their animal sources or simply add calcium to their bone meal to ensure their guaranteed analysis.

If they wouldn’t be an issue for the allergies you are dealing with, also consider adding whole egg or egg shells rather than a supplement. Their calcium to phosphorus ratio is about as perfect as you can get. A 20-30 pound dog would get about one egg per day if that were their only calcium source.

Stop into any of your local Chuck & Don’s to speak to any sales associate for more help!

Have a great day!

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