What foods will help an itchy dog?


Can you recommend a dry dog food for my adult Golden Retriever. He’s having issues with allergies and seems to be scratching a lot. I am currently feeding him IAMS, but someone suggested a grain free.

He was on meds for this but I am wondering if we need to change foods since it as come back.


Hi, Verna!

Allergies, sensitivities, and general itchiness can be tough to solve for. I’m not sure what medications he was on to help with this, so I’m going to make some broad generalizations and hope something sounds workable for you and your pup.

If his scratching is caused by a seasonal irritant (grasses, trees, etc.) you can expect them to get better as we get more freezing temperatures. The mild winter so far hasn’t done our allergy-suffering friends any favors! That said, we can still help them improve with medicines and, possibly, removing things from their diet that can exacerbate an inflammatory response.

Many people will recommend a grain free food, not just because grains can be common sensitivities, but because gluten can cause an inflammatory response. Even if your dog isn’t allergic or sensitive to grain, removing them from the diet can help decrease allergies. Many dogs are prescribed anti-inflammatories (steroids) rather than anti-histamines for their allergies and reducing inflammation in other ways can sometimes help them get to a lower dosage, only require them during peak allergy season, or eliminate the need for the steroids entirely. If you don’t think the cause is environmental, you may also want to eliminate proteins from his diet that are common allergies/sensitivities (chicken and beef).

Pop on in to your local Chuck & Don’s and chat with a team member about what you’re looking for in a dog food. We can help find a food to fit almost any dietary requirement or budget.