Should dog wear a basket muzzle?


Our vet recommends a basket muzzle for our little schnoodle, who likes to eat awful stuff off the ground and then gets sick. Do you carry basket muzzles in various sizes?


Hi, Nancy!

While you’re working on a solid “leave it!” command, a basket muzzle can truly be a lifesaver. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so if your issues are in the yard, making sure you’re picking up regularly is also a worthy exercise! If the “awful stuff” you speak of is coming from your dog, we do carry supplements to deter coprophagia. The trick with these is making sure that the animal whose feces is being eaten is the one getting the supplement, so if she snacking on deer or goose poop, the muzzle is going to be your best bet.

Baskerville brand muzzles come in a variety of sizes, are comfortable, make it easy to give your dog treats, allow them to drink water once they’re used to wearing them, but have enough of a barrier to prevent them from reaching objects on the ground. We don’t stock them in our stores but can certainly order one for you! Muzzles should always be worn with supervision and require “muzzle training” – making it enjoyable to wear rather than a punishment – with the use of treats and plenty of praise.

Stop in to your local Chuck & Don’s and chat with an associate about ordering a Baskerville for your dog! If you find that it works well but you don’t like the look of it for daily wear/walks, you can always “upgrade” to a custom-made, leather one (there are several companies online that do custom leather muzzles). Also ask about the supplements and training treats if you need either!