Should I take water for my dog when I go on trips to different areas of the country?


Good morning!

I have a two month camping trip planned this year to the Pacific coast. I have a 3 year old Puggle and am concerned about the change in drinking water. I know that I have some difficulty with water in other states and want to minimize the effects on my dog. What would you suggest?


Hello Clarke,

 Thank you for a great question. You are so very wise to pre-plan for your Puggle and yourself as well.  My recommendation would be bottled spring water. Bottled spring water is very similar even though the actual manufacturers may vary. Definitely pure spring water, not mineral enhanced or flavored. Prior to your trip, introduce the water to your dog’s regular diet so to speak. Start adding the water to what’s provided daily, carry it with to offer small quantities on long walks so that when you leave he will be well acquainted with the new water.

While this may be a slight expense, you avoid having to guess what type of water may or may not agree with your pet.  It’s readily available and you’ll be able to purchase in amounts to last for a few days or several days. Varying amounts fit in with cooler or fridge space as well. 

Please enjoy a wonderful vacation!

“The Chuck”
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