Do you carry or can you get in XXL life jackets for dogs?


I saw you in a news segment this morning on water safety for dogs and then searched your web site for dog life jackets and I see that you do carry them but I was wondering what the pricing is for the XXL size.

Our dog isn’t all that fond of water but she comes with us when we go camping and canoeing and I’m concerned that at 120# if we tip it would be difficult to get her back into the canoe. My husband insists that she can swim but she has never gone into the water past her knees so I have my doubts.



Hi Linda,

The Fido Coat that was shown on the morning show does not come in a XXL. It stops at a XL. We do have two other options for the larger dogs, although BOTH would need to be special ordered & may take a few weeks to get in. They are not currently a stocked item. The sizes are by the girth size of your dog, which is the measurement around the dogs body, just behind the front legs.

Premier Pet Product has one (the same maker of the one shown), although it’s not exactly the same as what was on the show. That one comes in a XXlarge (girth 37-47 inches) & retails for $41.99 plus tax.
The one that I would recommend (due to the quality & the price compared to the other) is the Ruff Wear Float Coat in the XL (girth size of 35-48 inches) & retails for $49.99 plus tax.

Ruff Wear is a company that has a passion for making great outdoor gear for dogs.

If you decide to order either of these, contact your local Chuck & Don’s and one of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to assist you with a special order.

Hope this helps!

“The Chuck”
Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet