Do you carry Fromm dog food?


I have a German Shorthair and a Weimerimer they are both 11 years old, the Weimerimer just had 3 large lumps removed and is loaded with more, he has been on Hill’s prescription for years and has got to 86 lbs and they said not to lost anymore, the shorthair is a lap dog when not digging to china!, we live on 10 acres and a pond they love to swim in, Anyway I would like to get away from the Science crap and get them no filler food, I have been reading up on dog foods and there are alot of them as you know, I am leaning towards the Fromm brand, will this be a better food with a lot less fillers??


Dear Nancy,

 Fromm is an excellent food made locally in Wisconsin. They have the two lines, Gold and Four Star, if you want less fillers than you may want to try Fromm’s Four Star line. In that line they have several grain free options, including Beef, Quail, Surf & Turf and Salmon. It is always a good idea to check with your vet before switching foods. Contact your local Chuck and Don’s for pricing and availability.

Thank you for writing Chuck & Don’s.

“The Chuck”
Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet