Can you recommend some good Grain Free dog foods and treats that are low calorie?


I have a mini-dachshund that weights almost 15lbs, and is very food motivated. I feed him 1/5 cup of EVO, 1tsp of yogurt, and 1 fish oil capsule twice a day. He also gets 1 bully stick a day as well as Red Barn training treats. He gets a lot of exercise, but not daily walks. I want to keep his weight under control, do you think that I should switch to a lower calorie food?


Hi Ann,


Thank you for contacting me regarding potential foods for your pet.

I would suggest that you might want to try a lower calorie food and some lower calorie dog chews. Because you are only feeding 1/5 cup, feeding less isn’t really an option.

Evo is one of the highest calorie grain free dog foods at 537 calories per cup. Some other foods you could try are the Now grain free at 400 calories per cup, or Taste of the Wild Wetlands at 375 calories per cup.

There are also dog chews that are lower in fat than the bully sticks that are still long lasting. The Canine Caviar Paddywacks are a dehydrated buffalo chew that is long lasting and much lower in fat than bully sticks. Dogs love them too! Another good option would be the Merrick Beef Chews ears which are also low in fat.

Visit your local Chuck & Don’s and one of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to help you find some low calorie options for your dog.

Have a great day!

“The Chuck”
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