Are grain free and raw food diets good for dogs?


What would you recommend for a Golden Retriever who is almost 2 yrs. has dry skin, rashes easily. We are now trying grain free.


Hi Ann,

The grain free foods would be a good choice to try.  They are gaining popularity and have quite a few brands to choose from. Also, Many dogs with allergies and sensitivities also do well on a raw diet.

Another option would be to add a skin and coat suppliment one of the brands we carry in most of our locations is Halo Dream Coat.  It is a liquid supplement that adds moisture to skin and gives the skin more elasticity.  It is full of Omegas.  The coat will shine  and shedding will be less. When you start introducing the Halo make sure you gradually build up to the proper dosage.  Any new food, treat or suppliment should be introduced gradually.

Chuck & Don’s offers a number of grain free and raw diets. Visit your local Chuck and Don’s for further assistance.

Good luck and thanks again for contacting me.

“The Chuck”
Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet