What food and supplements would you recommend for a dog with a sensitive stomach as well as allergies?


I have a dog that I have been told has food allergies. I recently started him on Forti-Flora, a powder supplement I put on his food once a day to help with his loose stools. I am looking for a food that will work well with this powder, but I seem to only find one food that works with it. My mission is to make my dog as healthy and as comfortable as possible while saving a few dollars as I am now spending over $100 dollars per month on his food. I have switched foods and everytime I do, he gets loose stools and usually throws up quite a bit too. I am hoping to resolve this sooner rather than later so my poor guy can feel better. He is also overweight, not by much, about 5 to 8 pounds maximum, so I want to find a food that will also help him get healthy again. As you can see, I am at a loss here, can’t seem to find any resolutions to these problems, any help would be greatly appreciated!


You have an admirable mission and I’d really like to help you solve it.

Digestive issues have many layers to them and food allergies are certainly one of them. Parasitic activity also alters the intestines both small and large and recovery can take some time. Forti-Flora is a Purina product and they do provide support with an easy phone call to 1-800-222-VETS (8387).

While we don’t carry Forti-Flora, we do carry a plant based enzyme (Prozyme) and two products by Eagle (Holistic and Transition) that aid with food transition and absorption.

I hesitate to recommend a food only choice without a little more background. How old is y0ur dog and what breed is he? Have other/potential physical conditions been tested for and ruled out? When the food allergy diagnosis was made, was prescription food recommended? Were any food allergens identified? What protein sources have you tried or ruled out; chicken, beef, lab, fish, vegetarian? How long has the dog been experiencing loose stools and vomiting?

Often recommended by veterinarians is a hamburger and rice diet which is usually pretty mild on the tummy. Sometimes a few days of this along with additives such as the Forti-Flora can restore the balance of bacteria – both good and bad. Then you could slowly introduce a dry food, probably one with a single protein source and limited ingredients. Often lamb and rice or beef and rice dry foods work well.

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