Do you carry chicken jerky products that are made in China?


Is there any reason for concern from the recent  reports out of china regarding some dog foods and treats, in particular chicken & sweet potato wraps? We presently buy several brands depending on whats on sale either at your store or Petco. Additionally, is the product you offer(chkn/potat/wrap) also made in china? Thanks for your time.


Dear Mr. Covington,

I commend you for your interest in, and awareness of, the quality of products you use with your pet(s). As pet lovers ourselves at Chuck & Don’s, we encourage and appreciate customers who make an effort to increase their knowledge of pet products.

To answer your question, Chuck & Don’s currently offers two brands of chicken wrapped products. One is Dogswell and the other is Free Range Eco Naturals Dog Treats. Both of these chicken and sweet potato wrap products are manufactured in China. Included is the link to the Dogswell Quality Assurance Page on their website, as well as an attachment from Free Range Eco Naturals Dog Treats that also addresses their quality assurance. The Dogswell Quality Assurance does an excellent job of addressing questions you may have related to their products made in China.

It is Chuck & Don’s practice to hold its vendors, distributors, and manufacturers to the highest quality standards, as we feel confident Petco does as well. Chuck & Don’s prides itself in offering high quality products and does all it can, to the best of its ability, to assure that these products are safe for pets. As shipments are received at our stores, our Team Members inspect each product to ensure that it meets our quality standards. We are passionate about pets and want to contribute in a positive way to their health, safety and happiness.

As an alternative, Chuck & Don’s does offer a chicken fillet chew product from True Chews and a sweet Potato chew from Front Porch Pets (Sam’s Yams, Bishon Fries), which are both made in the United States.

Also, one of our distributors recently informed us that they expect one of the brands they carry will offer a chicken wrap product made in the United States in the near future. Chuck & Don’s invites you to check back with us for the availability of that product.

Thank you, again, for taking an interest in the health and safety of your pet(s). Chuck & Don’s appreciates having you as a customer and we look forward to your continued patronage.

“The Chuck”
Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet