Do you carry Hills ZD low allergen formula or anything comparable?


We have an older Cairn Terrier, Oliver Twist (11 yrs), who has some skin allergies. The Vet put him on Hill Z-D Low Allergen which is very expensive. Do you have an equivalent product?


Hi Carol,

It is important to keep in mind that if your vet has prescribed a specific food for a health issue that you should follow what they recommend. Some prescription diets have medicine in the food that helps to take care of specific health issues. With that being said I have looked up the ingredients in the food you are feeding and we do not carry anything similar to the Hills ZD Low Allergen.

These days many dogs and cats have allergies and intolerance to the foods they eat. We do carry many foods that are referred to as limited ingredient diets, and these often work well for animals with skin allergies. A few brands would be: Natural Balance, Natures Variety, or Taste of the Wild dog foods. Many vets are helpful in understanding prescription foods are expensive and if you ask to switch to a specific food they will usually work with you to find the right food. Before changing a diet from prescription food it is important to consult your vet.

I hope this helps answer your question.

“The Chuck”
Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet