What would you suggest for a soft training treat for a dog with a sensitive tummy?


First of all the staff at the Bloomington store rock! My question is regarding your suggestion for a treat/reward for my dog. Kira is a 4 yr old Siberian Husky with a sprinkling of what I suspect is German Shepherd. She has a very sensitive tummy. She is thriving on Taste of the Wild lamb forumula as her regular food. She is currently in obedience classes and receives treats for performing what is asked of her.I had been giving her the Wellness brand soft treats but those were giving Kira the runs. She likes and has no issue with the Wellness dry treats. But for whatever reason in class she really prefers a softer treat. She is also a picky eater. Could you suggest a soft treat that would be compatible with her digestion?


Hello Rexi,

Thank you for writing and sharing the compliments about our Bloomington team. It is always great to hear from our customers about their experiences at our stores!

There are a number of outstanding treat choices to use in various training environments even for the dog with a sensitive tummy.  Small, soft treats are an excellent option for training as they are quickly enjoyed by the dog allowing for immediate reward and sustained focus. I like to use a variety of soft treats in training environments to keep the dog focused.  Mixing up what treat is used from one training session to the next can be very beneficial. Finding treats low in fat and/or protein could be a solution to the struggles facing Kira after classes. Consider using protein sources you have already found successful with Kira’s digestive system or limited ingredient treats. The Wellness WellBites treat line could be an alternative if you are already using the Wellness Pure Rewards line.  Another suggestion would be looking at the Zuke’s Mini Naturals line of treats which comes in a variety of flavors from peanut butter to wild rabbit. I would also check out the Cloud Star Buddy Biscuit treats and the Solid Gold Jerky Treats.  Both the Zuke’s Treats and the Solid Gold Jerky Treats have a large selection of flavors.  Finally, the PetBotanic Healthy Omega Treats Salmon are another wonderful option low in fat and full in flavor and smell!

If you have any other questions or would like to compare any other treats and ingredient listings, please visit your local Chuck and Don’s and speak with any of our Team Members.

Thanks again for writing!

“The Chuck”
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