What food do you recommend for a dog with liver problems?


My 10 yr. old Golden has a high liver enzyme count, he is 79lbs and still very active. The Vet mentioned there is a dog food to address this condition. He is currently eating Nutri Source large breed, chicken and rice.  What would you recommend?


Hi Sheila,  

We’re sorry to hear of your dogs liver problem. Chuck & Don’s does not have any Veterinarian on staff to give a professional recommendation to your question. I do know research suggests a low protein diet with easily digested protein is recommended as well as the carbohydrates should be potatoes and white rice.  
The Veterinarian prescriptions, which Chuck & Don’s does not carry, are mainly rice and egg protein. I would follow your Veterinarian’s recommendations on the best formula that would be fit your dogs needs at this stage in his life.   

Thank you for writing,

“The Chuck”
Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet