Help! What should I do to get my puppy to stop jumping, biting and pulling, and how do I get him to go potty outside?


This is Yosef,

I have a puppy named Pluto. I’m having trouble with potty training and biting and jumping habits. He understands peeing outside but poops inside. He bites me sometimes and drags my mom when she tries to walk him, he also jumps when he’s excited.


Hi Yosef,

When you let Pluto out to relieve himself, tell him to go potty and poop. Don’t forget to tell him that he’s a good boy and if he doesn’t go the first time, continue to bring him out until he finally does go. I know it will seem like a lot of work, but your Mom will thank you.

When Pluto starts biting, try to have a toy that you can give him to bite/play with so he associates that with biting and not your arm, hands or fingers. Your tone of voice will also help him associate that biting hurts and is not acceptable. You will need to train Pluto that he can’t jump on you or your Mom, train him basic commands, sit, stay, come. When he sits for 10 seconds, tell him to come and reward him for being a good dog, but only if he listens to you. Another thing to try is a stern voice telling him no jump, and to turn your back to him until he calms down and is ready to listen to your commands.

For the pulling, try getting a harness for him to discourage that. One thing that has helped, is before you go for a walk, have him chase a tennis ball in the yard for 10- 15 minutes so that he can get some of that energy out. Finally, one product that has worked for many of my customers is the Pet Corrector.

Thank you for your questions and I hope the suggestions I’ve made help you and Pluto.

Good luck.

“The Chuck”
Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet