What kind of probiotic supplements do you carry, and what would you suggest to help restore digestive health for my dog?


What probiotic brand do you recommend for best value/price? My vet recommended Lactoquil, but there seems to be other less expensive options. Any ideas if those would be sufficient. We are trying to restore digestive health for a dog that has food sensitivities and that gets loose stools easily.  He is 70lb chocolate lab on natural balance potato and duck.

THANK YOU for any advice!


Hi Mark,

ProZyme Enzyme SupplementAt right a product that we stock that could help. Some of the vets in our area recommend this to clients to help with rebuilding and maintaining gut health. It retails around $20. The ingredients are also listed below. This is the kind of ingredient panel I was looking for on the lactoquil.com website and could not find to compare to. As always check with your vet before making any changes.

What are the ingredients in ProZyme Original?
Lactose (milk sugar manufactured from fresh whey), Aspergillus oryzae (alpha-amylase) fermentation product dehydrated, Aspergillus niger (lipase and cellulase) fermentation product dehydrated and Bromelain derived from ananas comosus (protease) dehydrated.
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