Cat food for the best price


I have a cat that is 7 and he weighs about 16 lbs. I also just got a kitten that is almost 5 months and weighs about 6 lbs. The people at a different pet store said I could give them both the Nutrisource cat and kitten but that is a little pricey for me and I don’t want my 16 lb. cat to gain any more weight. Is there any food that is a little less pricey?


Hi, Abygal!

 There are a few options out there for foods that could be appropriate for both cats. Taste of the Wild is slightly less expensive per pound than the NutriSource Cat & Kitten, however it doesn’t participate in the frequent buyer program so the cost difference is minimal in the long run. Other great cat food options in a similar price range include Fromm and Pure Vita. If you keep in mind that your cats need to eat less food if it’s more calorically dense (typically if we spend a little more on higher quality food, we can feed less and end up spending less on health care). Stop on in to your local Chuck & Don’s and talk to a team member about the options available in your ideal price range. They will need to know what you’re currently feeding and how much to be able to accurately compare calorie counts and real costs.