What kind of dry and wet food would you recommend for an overweight cat?


I adopted a 3 year old male cat. He was kept in a cage and is a little over weight from not get proper exercise. What is the best dry & wet food to feed him & how much. I appreciate the answer you give me, I have been a long time customer of Chuck & Don’s when I had my former cat, before he passed away.


Hi Karen,

Thank you for submitting your question. As a company we carry many good quality brands of wet and dry foods making it somewhat difficult to name a “best.” In regards to foods some key things that can help determine which food will be best are your cat’s preference (does he prefer poultry, fish, red meat?), your budget for food, as well how your cat reacts to a different food. As for feeding amounts this too can vary quite a bit based on brand, for example grain-free formulas typically feed less per day than a grain-included food.

Visit your local Chuck & Don’s and one of our knowledgeable team members can assist you further. Please advise the Team Member if there are any other dietary needs or sensitivites as well and the price point you are looking to stay within and what brand of food you currently are feeding your cat. They will gladly assist you in selecting a food, as well as make specific suggestions about feeding guidelines and how to transition to a new food.

Also, all of our foods carry a 45 day return policy so should the first can/dry combination not be a winner you can return the unused portions, 50% or more remaining, in the original bag for a full refund.

Thanks for emailing and have a great day.

“The Chuck”
Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet