What can I do to stop my cat from spraying furniture?


I have a 2 year old neutered male cat who loves to mark my favorite recliner, especially if a male has sat there (he had a male traumatize him as a kitten) as well as a nice warning to change his litter. Problem is, the smell won’t go away no matter which product I’ve used (around 5 odor eliminaters, enzyme removers, stain removers, and one repellent)and the smell is still there and the cushion has become hard from all the product. I can’t get within 10 feet of it the smell is so bad. My mom and I love your stores and were wondering if you had something which would help with this problem. I was thinking of getting the “Contech Scat Mat Automatic Indoor Cat Training Mat” as a last resort from petsmart and was hoping you had something I could use to deter him from marking and eliminate the foul odor.


Hi Sara,

Thanks for contacting me regarding the issue you have with your cat.

Chuck & Don’s does carry a diffuser that may help comfort your kitty. It’s called Comfort Zone with Feliway and plugs into a wall socket. It helps relax your cat and end urine marking and scratching. We have heard great feedback from customers and team members who are currently using it.

As for the recliner, that may have to go. This behavior is now a habit for your cat and the best way to stop the habit is to remove its source. Plus if you have already soaked it multiple times in enzyme cleaners such as Nature’s Miracle or Anti Icky Poo, the urine has most likely soaked into crevices that the cleaner just can’t reach.

Visit your local Chuck & Don’s and one of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to assist you further.

Hope this helps and good luck!

“The Chuck”
Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet