What would you recommend for cat dental health?


We adopted a cat from the humane society and he has tarter on his teeth. What is the best way to remove it? I’ve been able to play with his mouth for short burts, mainly to to just check the teeth, but I haven’t gotten a chance to get a brush in there yet. What do you recommend?


Hi Teresa,
Thank you for contacting me regarding your cat and his dental care.
If he already has a substantial amount of tarter on his teeth, there are two routes you can take. One is to take him to the veterinarian and have his teeth cleaned. The other is to try Petzlife’s Oral Care Gel. This product is a gel that you place on their teeth. It does work but the directions must be followed exactly and you can’t skip applications. Just like with humans, once the tarter has built up, you can’t just brush it away.
Once the tarter is removed there are many things you can do to keep his teeth healthy and tartar free.
The first would be being feeding good quality food. Many foods have ingredients added to them to help keep their teeth clean. Be sure to include dry kibble in his diet as well and watch him eat it. Some cats will swallow their foods whole and not chew it.
Next would be brushing his teeth. This can sometimes be rather challenging with cats. Give it a try! With a little work some cats learn to enjoy the experience and not run away from it.
Next, give him oral care treats! Greenies makes five different flavors of cat treats that help freshen his breath and clean his teeth.
Lastly, kitty mouth wash! Ok, it’s not really mouth wash but FourPaws makes a Pet Dental Care liquid that you add to his water bowl. Each time you fill up his water bowl you add a small amount of this product.

Visit your local Chuck & Don’s for further assistance.

Hope this helps and good luck!
“The Chuck”
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Thank you for your reply. I will try the gel and treats. Are they available at most pet stores? He only gets dry cat food and I have switched him to Wellness. Has made a huge difference in his fur, he’s much softer now. Oh, and I did forget to ask, what can I do to deter him from digging in my plant.  His litter box gets cleaned out so that is not the culprit, he left it alone for a long time and he has now become fasinated by it.


Hi Teresa,

The treats should be available at any pet store. The gel might be harder to find. All of the Chuck & Don’s stores carry it.

The plant issue is a common complaint amongst cat owners. There is enough of an issue that there are now products to deter cats from digging in them. Depending on how big the plant is, they make a green plastic spiral insert that you can place on top of the soil. It has small spikes pointing up to deter animals from climbing on it. It has multiple rings so it can fit many different sizes of pots. Another product you could use is called Boundary. It is a liquid that you spray on an area or object that you want to keep the cat away from. It is scented with pheromones that cats can smell and apparently they don’t like them! Sometimes just moving the plant to a different location or elevating it slightly can break the cats interest in it. You could also try providing him with his own kitty grass plant to chew on. The grass comes already in a bowl and all you need to do is add water. In a few days up comes the grass and now he has his very own kitty plant to chew on! With the added bonus of being able to eat the grass which is often why cats are messing with plants in the first place.

Please contact the Chuck & Don’s store that is most convenient for you and any of our knowledgeable team member will be more than happy to assist you.

Hope this helps!