Wild Bird

Birds at feeder

Do you know that food type, feeder style and feeder height all impact what kind of wild birds can end up in your yard? Whether you want to enjoy a  particular species outside your windows – or just a variety of birds – we can help.

Selection, flavors and brands vary by store. For specific information call the nearest store.

Quality Wild Bird Food

Most Chuck & Don’s stores offer you high-quality wild bird food and related products. We have blends specifically formulated for cardinals, orioles, bluebirds, finches, hummingbirds and more. We also carry millet, sunflower, safflower, thistle and corn. Our waste-free seed eliminates seed hulls. In some stores, we even stock mealworms (a favorite of bluebirds) and squirrel food.

Wild Bird Feeders for Suet, Seed and Nectar

We offer you bird feeders for suet, seed and nectar that are made from quality materials to ensure resilience and longevity. You also have access to a wider variety of styles through our special ordering system.


(and in which states they’re available)

audobon(Minn., Wis.) Bird's Choice logo
(Minn., Wis.)
C&S products(Minn., Wis.) Droll yankee(Minn., Wis.)
Nture's Cafe logo(Colo.) PerkyPet
(Minn., Wis.)
Wild Delight(Colo., Minn., Wis.)
Wildlife Sciences logo(Mi
nn., Wis.)

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Chuck & Don’s stores offer you a limited selection of  wild bird products.  Additional items are available online for home delivery.