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You can become a Friend of Chuck by creating an online account and making a purchase online. Online purchases earn Reward Points that are redeemable online.

What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are our way of giving back to our customers. You get 4% back on every purchase*!

Current exchange rates:

25 Reward points = $1.00

$1.00 spent = 1 Reward Point earned

When you log in and complete a purchase online, Reward Points are automatically added to your online account. Please note for timing, the points will post when your order is picked up or shipped.


How do I check my Reward Points balance?

Click the "Friends of Chuck" or Paw widget on the bottom left of your screen, log in to your online account and you’ll see your point balance and reward history.

How do I use my Reward Points?

    1. Click the "Friends of Chuck" or Paw widget on the bottom left of your screen.

        2. Sign in and click on "Ways to Redeem." Then click "Redeem."
        3. Choose how many points you want to redeem and click "Redeem" again.
        4. A code will be created to use at checkout. Click "Apply Code" and it will automatically be added to your cart.
        5. You can add to cart and check out now or come back later and use that code. It will be saved on your account and emailed to you.

Check our FAQ for more information or contact Customer Service with any questions you have.



Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

*Online Reward Points are not redeemable in-store and can only be used on "one-time purchase" orders currently. 

Effective January 1, 2023, the following updates are in effect for Friends of Chuck: 1.) You must have one unique valid email to participate, and 2.) Promotional Rewards such as offers to earn extra bonuses may be subject to activation via a click-to-activate email or through online activation. 

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