Feline Pine


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Feline Pine, The Healthy Cat Litter is the number one natural alternative to clay cat litter. Pelleted litter is made from compressed natural pine wood--no new trees were cut to make Feline Pine. Litter is a feline favorite and has no odor, no dust and no tracking--and it's flushable! Unlike other cat litters, there are no chemical additives needed to control odor as pine naturally bonds with ammonia, and there is never any sticky, smelly mess to deal with when the box needs to be changed. Safe for cats, humans and the environment, you'll love the way Feline Pine controls odor with its fresh pine scent. Instant absorption and concentrated formula means you'll use less litter and perform fewer litter changes. You'll know it's time to change the litter box when all the pellets dissolve, usually in about two weeks for a single cat. No harsh artificial fragrances, No dangerous silica dust, No unnatural chemical additives, Virtually dust-free pellets.