Alfalfa Hay 32 oz

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At Carefresh we're devoted to small mammals, their human parents and the environment we all share. We only use fresh cuts of hay to provide ideal daily nutrition and also maintain ideal dental health. We could just use whatever is available, but then we wouldn't be Carefresh. Our Alfalfa hay is grown in the nutrient-rich soil in Eastern Washington to provide ideal daily nutrition - keeping your pet healthy all day. Alfalfa hay is high in protein, making it ideal for young, growing animals as well as nursing mothers who need the extra nutrients to support adequate milk production. Once an animal reaches adulthood, it is best to transition to a grass hay like carefresh Timothy Hay. Alfalfa hay provides ideal protein, fiber and fat ratios for juvenile rabbits and guinea pigs. Fed daily, it helps to wear down and clean their ever-growing teeth - helping maintain ideal dental health.

Main ingredients: Alfalfa Hay