Grateful & Giving Back Results

The results are in, and you helped us donate over 5,600 pounds of pet food!

3,531 people and 1,043 pets stopped at our stores on Wednesday, Nov. 21 from 6-8 pm and Friday, Nov. 23 from 8-10 am. One pound of pet food was donated for each person and two pounds were donated for each pet.

Our lucky recipients are:

Colorado: Pets of the Homeless

Kansas: Beauties & Beasts 11th Hour Rescue

Minnesota/Wisconsin: Second Harvest Heartland

Thank you for helping us give back.

Nutrisca Dog Food Recall

Chuck & Don’s is aware that Nutrisca has initiated a voluntary pet-product recall.

This recall affects Nutrisca’s chicken and chickpea dry dog food due to it containing elevated levels of vitamin D. Bags affected have a Best By Date code of February 25, 2020 through September 13, 2020.

We’re taking steps to remove and ensure that the specific products identified in this recall is NOT available in our stores. We’ll be sending out an email to those customers — who have their email listed with us — who may have purchased the affected Nutrisca product.


Please feel free to contact any of our stores to discuss this recall further.

2018 Gift Guide for Four-Legged Friends


Your perfect gift awaits.

Whether you’re spoiling your own four-legged friend or you’re bringing a gift for a furry loved one, this 2018 gift guide makes shopping easy.

Match your animal with their personality, and you’ll find the ultimate gift.

Born to Play

The ears perk up, the wiggles start. It’s playtime. From classic toys to new, funky friends, you’ll find a toy to match the spunk, intensity, shape and preferences of your furry friend.


Fluff & Tuff Holiday Bear


Meowijuana Catnip

Holiday Kittles for Cats


Mad Cat Tabby Taco


Mad Cat Lumpurr Jack

Classic Kong

Lives for More Treats

If you have treats, you have the heart of your furry friend. Training, relaxing, adventuring and bonding are all better with a tasty snack. This collection of treats adds variety, humor and taste to everyday experience.


The Granville Treatery Tuna Flakes for Cats


Bocce’s Bakery Lumps of Coal


Puppy Cake Holiday Cookie Mix

The Style Icon

You know this pet. As soon as the camera comes out, they’re posing and wagging. Always adorned with the newest style, this is who you go to for fashion advice.


Huxley & Kent Bow Tie


Canada Pooch Camo Vest



Canada Pooch Cozy Caribou Hoodie


Huxley & Kent Plaid Flower

The Homebody

This pet loves the comforts of home. From cozy beds and blankets to a familiar water bowl, it’s the simple things in life that make it beautiful. And a fresh smelling house never hurt anyone.


Tall Tails Plaid Blanket


Tall Tails Classic Blanket

Tall Tails Bed

Reversible Tall Tails Bolster Bed


Platinum Pets Dog and Cat Bowls


Pet Odor Eliminator Candle

Whatever your animal’s personality, there’s a toy, treat, accessory or item for them at Chuck & Don’s. Your preferences are our top priority, and we’ll find the perfect gift for your loved one.

Fall Fashion and Sweater Season

Find cozy, cute and durable style in our new fall gear.

While the truly cold weather isn’t here yet, now is the best time to shop for the coming cold. We have our best selection of products in stock and available to try on, so your furry friend can be comfortable and safe all winter.

A luxurious hoodie


Canada Pooch Caribou Hoodie

The ultimate cozy experience starts with Canada Pooch’s Cozy Caribou Hoodies. The luxurious Sherpa lining provides warmth and comfort. Functional kanga pockets and a leash or harness slit makes daily wear easy and convenient. A dual Velcro closure ensures your pup won’t slip out or let cold air in. Finally, the ribbing on the edges provides a comfortable, snug fit.

Find the marled knitted hoodie in charcoal and burgundy for sizes 8 to 28.

Knitted sweaters

Take a stylish twist on a grandpa sweater with Canada Pooch’s Cargo Cardigan. The shawl style collar is ribbed for a snug fit. The faux leather details and functional cargo pockets add style. And, it’s made with a leash and harness slit so you can travel with ease.


Canada Pooch Cargo Cardigan

Find the knitted exterior in charcoal or purple for sizes 8 to 28.

Themed collars, leads and bandanas

Style comes in all shapes and sizes with FuzzYard gear. Get fall-themed collars, drool-worthy leads and funky snap-on bandanas.

The adjustable collars combine fashion and function. A plastic buckle has a lock feature to keep your dog from accidentally slipping out of the collar. A stainless steel, di-cast attachment ring makes it easy to clip a leash on and off. The thick, cushioned webbing adds durability and gives a comfortable fit. Find the collars in three sizes and six prints.


FuzzYard Doughnut Collar

Complete the look by matching your dog’s collar with its companion lead and accent bandana!

With a hand loop and a clasp that rotates 360°, the sturdy FuzzYard Dog Lead is functional and comfortable. Plus, the steel spring-loaded latch securely attaches to your dog’s collar. These leads come in six prints and one length.

FuzzYard Collar & Lead

Every bandana is complete with two original patters you can flip based on your pup’s mood. The quick snap bandana easily attaches to a harness or collar. Fold the bandana over your dog’s collar, snap the press studs into place and continue in style. We carry four bandana styles in two different sizes.


Reversible FuzzYard Bandana

Your fall fashion awaits

Get fitted with new fall fashion at any Chuck & Don’s. Styles and sizes vary by store, so call ahead if you know what size you need.

Chuck & Don's 2018 Happiest Pet


The 2018 Happiest Pet is Lady Lake!

“Lady Lake came from the town of Lady Lake, Florida. She was rescued by my father and, when he passed away in 2012, she became my great inheritance.

“In MN, she lived with her tripod brother Mason, a Papillon/Sheltie mix who she would enthusiastically wrestle with daily. And she loved her tripod German Shepherd sister KC (although there was a little sibling rivalry at first).

“Lady loved going for walks, lounging in the sun, playing with toys, wrestling with Mason, eating peanut butter Buddy Biscuits and sitting on my lap every morning and night. She was my running partner (I use the term loosely) at the Fast and Furry 5K9 for several years which she loved so much. It was made even happier when she celebrated with a Glam Doll donut.

“Lady was a gossip girl and always wanted to know what was going on around her. She loved everyone, and had a way of making people with special needs feel like royalty when she had the chance to meet them. She would always give them kisses.

“The week before Thanksgiving, Lady was diagnosed with gastrointestinal lymphoma and the news devastated us. Throughout her illness, she stayed happy (treats and affection from our friends at Chuck & Don’s Highland Park helped a lot!). We thought of each day with her as a gift.

“Lady Lake passed away on March 23 with her brother and sister right by her side. Her life has left a hole in our hearts and our home, as she was the biggest personality in our house and the life of the party as you can tell by her smile.

“Her photo, which truly exemplifies Lady, was taken by our friend, Tiffany Thompson, at the Peace Garden at Lake Harriet in early September just before she got sick. The butterflies were flying all around her, and there was a heart shaped cloud above. She had such a fabulous day that day and was truly in her glory. She loved being the center of attention!

“Lady exemplifies how wonderful and loving pit bulls are, and I hope this photo helps show that. Thank you for honoring her in such a wonderful way! We are so lucky to have had Lady in our lives and thrilled to share her infectious smile with others.”

Gigi, Ken, Mason and KC are donating the 2018 Happiest Pet $250 gift card to local rescues, in honor of her life and legacy.

Cat Category Winner


Arlo, 2018 Cat Category Winner

“It took no more than a second for baby Arlo to steal our hearts. The instant we saw him we knew he was the one. We adopted him as a tiny kitten last summer on my birthday and he is hands down the best birthday gift ever! His big sister Khloe wasn’t so smitten with him at first but soon realized he was a toy she could chase around and wrestle with so she decided she would put up with him.

“In addition to clowning around with his sister, Arlo also enjoys peek-a-boo, playing with his toys (his favorite is a plastic grasshopper), and taking cat naps on his back. He’s a charming, happy-go-lucky little fella who loves attention and showing off his cuteness and we absolutely adore him!” Jenna, Arlo’s loving mother.

Dog Category Winner


Diva, 2018 Dog Category Winner

“Diva loves people – she will demand that you play with her. Her favorite activities are playing frisbee (she can catch it!), going on her daily walks, boating and paddle boarding. She also enjoys play dates with her friend Chezzy the Golden Retriever.

“She loves playing with balls and chewing the cheese/peanut butter filled bones. Her favorite food is from Chuck & Don’s – Pure Vita Grain Free Beef, Turkey, or Duck!

“Diva is a diva. She was named Diva when I got her, I was going to change her name, but after a day I knew why she got the name and it stuck!

“She is my first French bulldog and I have to say I’ve fallen in love with the breed. I love all the noises. She snores, snorts, and makes funny sighing noises.

“I could write a book about her! THANKS again for choosing her – she is a special girl.” – Gina, proud dog mom of Diva.

Pets and their Humans Category Winner


Doakes and Willow, 2018 Pets and their Humans Category Winners

“Willow is an eight year old lab and husky mix. She enjoys being outside all day long, no matter the temperature and going for long walks. She enjoys catching the average tennis ball and playing tug on her brother Doakes’ neck scruff. Willow also enjoys hiding table scraps throughout the house including whole sticks of butter. She dislikes the toaster and hides every time she sees someone using it. She is an old soul, and very gentle dog.

“Doakes is a 5.5 year old pit mix. Doakes enjoys squeaky toys and catching the frisbee. He loves to swim and jump off the dock at leashes and leads, or any dock for that matter. He enjoys smiling and giving the best slobbery kisses. Doakes is the type of dog who wants to be everyone’s friend and doesn’t believe in personal space.

“Our dogs compliment each other well and bring great joy to our life.” – Brittni, dog mom of Willow and Doakes.

Small Animal/Multiple Pet Category Winner


Wyatt, Morgan and Virgil, 2018 Small Animal/Multiple Pet Category Winner

“These are Australian whites tree frogs which I bought when they were the size of fifty cent pieces in 2002. They will be 16 years old this year, and these frogs can live up to 25 years.

“Wyatt and Morgan are the last 2 surviving from a group of four. The other 2 passed away a couple of months ago.

“These frogs have incredible personalities and loved to be handled, though it’s not a good idea to handle frogs too much.

“Up until a couple of years ago, Wyatt was a star feature when I visited elementary schools, talking to children about the incredible value frogs have to offer this planet. He has since retired.

“Their favorite food has always been a nice big, fat, juicy cricket, lightly dusted with their favorite vitamins. They can eat up to 7 of these in one sitting and have always been hand fed. Their crickets come from Chuck & Don’s, and the frogs tell me have a very high “yum” (said in a very deep voice) quotient.

“These frogs live in a 36×36 terrarium which is designed to mimic their natural environment. They are nocturnal, so they spend their late evenings climbing about the terrarium and calling out. They are very loud with a deep sound similar to a big dog.

“Sometimes they seem to be having a contest to see which one can call the loudest. I love the sound, and I love their faces.

“I’ve been a frog hobbyist for 18 years, and I have 27 various breeds of poison dart frogs. I have a room dedicated to these frogs with 7 terrariums, and I keep my computer there so I can be surrounded by my very own mini rain forest…sounds and all.” – Rosie, frog enthusiast and educator.


Earthborn Holistic Venture - Now at Chuck & Don's


Venture, the dog, has allergies, so he eats Earthborn Holistic Venture

Safe and exceptional ingredients are the cornerstone of every Earthborn Holistic® Venture™ recipe.

Venture is Earthborn Holistic’s new limited ingredient recipe that has everything you want and nothing you don’t. Each Venture recipe contains no grain, gluten, potato, egg, beef, colorants, fillers, by-products or artificial preservatives. Ingredients are responsibly sourced and made without genetically modified ingredients.

Nutrient Rich, Single Source

Using single animal protein recipes, Venture is created especially for picky eaters and sensitive stomachs. Each protein is nutrient rich and sustainably sourced.

Wild-caught Alaska Pollock is sourced through an MSC Certified Responsible Fishery, and it can be directly traced from the ocean to the final pet food. This Pollock is a natural source of Omega-3s and contains no antibiotics or hormones.

Farm-raised duck is sourced directly from France. Duck is high-quality alternative for dogs allergic to common proteins such as chicken and beef. It’s high in amino acids, is easily digestible and is rich in iron.

Turkey is a unique alternative for dogs with sensitivies. Sourced from family-owned farms in America’s Midwest region, its lean protein builds and maintains muscle.

As a novel protein, rabbit is an all white-meat protein that is ideal for dogs with sensitivities, food allergies or less active dogs. This rabbit is exclusively sourced from Pays de la Loire, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Brittany regions of France.

Raised in America’s Midwest region, pork is a good source of Vitamin B6, thiamin, selenium, niacin, zinc, phosphorous, riboflavin and potassium.

Safety First

Every recipe is rigorously tested in independent research laboratories to ensure quality, nutrition and safety. Midwestern Pet Foods, makers of Earthborn Holistic, prides itself in having zero recalls in over 90 years of business.

Giving Back to Earth

Earthborn Holistic Venture bags are made with up to 30% plant-based plastic. Made from renewable and sustainable Brazilian sugercane ethanol, the bags result in a negative carbon footprint.

This BPA-free bag is also 100% recyclable through our TerraCycle program.

When you buy Earthborn Holistic Venture, your UPC can plant a tree. Find more about the UPCs for Trees program.

About Earthborn Holistic

Earthborn Holistic, owned by Midwestern Pet Foods, is an Indiana-based, family-owned business focused on quality since 1926.

Team Member Appreciation Nights


Our teams work hard every day, so we’re throwing appreciation events in both Minn. and Colo.

These appreciation events let us celebrate what makes Chuck & Don’s unique. Individual team members and groups are recognized for outstanding service and representation of our core values.

To allow all team members to attend our appreciation event, our stores will close early on the following days:

Minn. Appreciation Event
Saturday, May 12
Minn. stores closing at 5pm

Colo. Appreciation Event
Sunday, June 24
Colo. stores closing at 4pm, Frisco closing at 3pm

Looking to join our team? See our open positions.


50th & France Pet Photos

50th & France Grand Opening

Spring styles and smiles were in the air during our grand opening celebration at 50th & France on Saturday.

KME Photography captured photos of pets and their families. Beyond smiling for the camera, attendees enjoyed doggy ice cream samples, treats (for pets and people) and lots of sniffing and petting.

See all of KME’s photos from Saturday. (If you were at Thursday night’s art reveal, see KME’s Thursday photos.)

Download free images or purchase prints through KME’s website.






It's Our 28th Birthday!

Come May 19 & 20, 2018 for our best birthday bash yet! We have activities for the whole family.

Saturday, May 19, 1-3pm

  • Make your own FREE paw print keepsake
  • Photo area with props
  • Enter-to-win prize baskets
  • Treats

Sunday, May 20, 1-3pm

  • Our biggest adoption event yet! Most stores will have meet and greets with adoptable pets
  • Pose with an adoptable pet in our photo area to help them find a forever home
  • Enter-to-win prize baskets
  • Treats

Check our events calendar to see if your local Chuck & Don’s is hosting additional birthday activities.

Unique Birthday Items

This year, we’re bringing in unique items exclusively for our birthday sale. These in-store options won’t last long, so come early to maximize your birthday fun.

Tantalizing Toys

These tug-able and lovable Kong toys give you a perfect way to engage with your pet. These birthday and celebration toys come in different shapes, sizes and colors, so you can find the perfect option for your pooch.Kong_birthday-plush_ball


Savory Delights

Pawluxury masterfully makes savory treats that delight and enrich your dog’s diet. These grain and gluten free bites are sure to fill your dog with joy.


Sweet Treats

Hot summer days are coming, and we have the perfect treat for celebration. Puppy Scoops is the easy-to-make ice cream for dogs, and it comes in Peanut Butter, Vanilla and Carob flavors.puppy-scoops_vanilla puppy-scoops_carobpuppy-scoops_peanut-butter

A birthday isn’t complete without a custom dessert. These Bosco & Roxy’s cookies are a delightful treat for pets, and we had special ones made for our 28th birthday.


This is an idea dreamt up in dog heaven – a whole cake in every bite. Bocce’s Bakery Birthday Cake dog biscuits are filled with peanut butter, vanilla and molasses. These treats finish with a flavor of satisfaction and thoughts of howling, “hooray!”bocces_birthday-cake_dog_treats