Catnip Innovation and Meowijuana

Meowijuana believes that playtime for cats should be anything but boring.

As a new kind of catnip company, Meowijuana is bringing passion and innovation to playtime. Everything from the products sold to the humorous brand itself stimulates the senses of cats and cat parents. Most importantly, Meowijuana comes with a hearty helping of quality and fun.

The Ideal Blend

meowijuana-catnip-blendOnly 70 percent of adult cats are effected by catnip. By creating a catnip blend with Valerian root or silver vine, Meowijuana’s catnip blends create a spectrum of natural euphoria for the majority of cats.

Valerian roots is a perennial plant native to Europe. It produces a natural acidic chemical that strengthens its odors. This chemical also can help in mood regulation (i.e., anxiety) and other social or behavioral functions.

Silver vine is a nontoxic herbal plant found in the mountains of Japan and China. As the most popular cat treat in Asia, it offers an extremely euphoric, non-addictive experience for cats.

Catnip is closely related to mint and contains Nepatalactone. This essential oil is found in the leaves, stems and buds and can cause a euphoric sensation in cats when inhaled.

Hand-Trimmed Catnip

meowijuana-catnip-budsHand-trimmed catnip provides longer potency and stronger cat attraction.

The flower tops, or buds, of a catnip plant contain higher amounts Nepetalactone. Nepatalacton is the natural chemical in catnip that makes cats love it.

When giving catnip buds to your cat, Meowijuana recommends crushing a flower piece between your fingers and giving it to your cat after removing the stems. This releases the essential oil trapped and will release a positive experience for your cat.

MeowyJ’s for Cats

Relax, this isn’t what you think. Each single-serve catnip session delivers a perfect moment of delight. Simply break in half, sprinkle the catnip around and watch your cat enjoy.

Catnip and Kittens

meowijuana-meowyjsCats under the age of one may not respond to catnip. Even after they reach that milestone, only 70 percent of cats respond to traditional catnip.

If your cat doesn’t respond, try blends that include catnip, silver vine or valerian root.

How Often to Give Catnip

Meowijuana recommends giving catnip every other day to cats. After a few minutes, the effectiveness wears off and your cat will need to be away from it for awhile to experience a reaction again.

Where to Find Meowijuana

Find Meowijuana at any Chuck & Don’s location.

Meowijuana Disclaimer: The products shown and mentioned are 100 percent Organic Catnip – not marijuana! Catnip is 100 percent safe for cats. Please DO NOT give your cats actual marijuana.

Stella & Chewy's Kibble Difference

raw-coated-stella-and-chewysStella & Chewy’s focuses on making raw nutrition more available and convenient for pet parents.

With new raw coated kibble, Stella & Chewy’s is providing best-in-class solutions for pet parents looking for simple, less processed and highly palatable kibble.

The Kibble Difference

The Stella & Chewy’s kibble difference happens in three steps.

  1. Find the good stuff for every batch of kibble. 65 to 70 percent of every Stella & Chewy’s recipe is grass-fed red meats, cage-free poultry or wild-caught fish. Then, organic fruits and vegetables are added for vitamins and nutrients. Each recipe is potato, grain and gluten-free.
  2. Gently oven bake the kibble. By baking at a lower temperature, the food keeps more of its vital nutrients.
  3. Add the raw nutrition. Freeze-dried raw, also made with the finest ingredients, coats the entire kibble batch. So, your dog will find rich ingredients and raw goodness in every bite.

Ongoing Benefits

The protein-rich baked kibble is 65 percent pure animal ingredients and natural oils. It’s rich in omega fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat. And, added probiotics aid in optimal digestion.

By baking at 200 degrees, the baked food retains nearly all of its nutritional value, including the micro-nutrients, phyto-nutrients and antioxidants in food.

According to Stella & Chewy’s, these recipes also help dogs achieve an ideal weight, healthy hips and joins, amazing skin and coat and immune support.

Two Types of Kibble + Raw

Raw Coated is baked kibble coated in nutritious freeze-dried raw. Each bag delivers about 2 percent raw.

Raw Blend is baked kibble coated in nutritious freeze-dried raw and then Meal Mixers are blended in. Each bag delivers about 7 percent raw.

Beyond the Food

Stella & Chewy’s passion for animals goes beyond the food. Stella and Chewy were both adopted as adult dogs. When you buy a bag of Stella & Chewy’s food, a meal is donated to the Journey Home Fund. Stella & Chewy’s donates up to 250,000 meals each year to adult dogs waiting for adoption.

Try Stella & Chewy’s

Find Stella & Chewy’s at any Chuck & Don’s location. You can also find select Stella & Chewy’s foods and treats at

With stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and Kansas, we are devoted to helping more pet parents every year.

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Steve's Real Food Recall

Steve's Real Food

Chuck & Don’s is aware that Steve’s Real Food has initiated a voluntary pet-product recall.

This recall affects one lot of 5lb Turducken Recipe, one lot of 2lb Quest Emu Diet, and one lot of 2lb Quest Beef Diet, due to their possible Salmonella and/or L. mono contamination.

We’re taking steps to remove and ensure that the specific products identified in this recall is NOT available in our stores. We’ll be sending out an email to those customers — who have their email listed with us — who may have purchased the affected Steve’s Real Food products.


Please feel free to contact any of our stores to discuss this recall further.

Rad Cat Recall

Rad Cat logo

Chuck & Don’s is aware that Rad Cat has expanded their recent voluntary pet-product recall.

This recall affects certain lots of Rad Cat Raw Diet due to potential contamination of Listeria monocytogenes. View a list of the original products involved.   View a list of the additional products involved.

We’re taking steps to remove and ensure that the specific products identified in this recall is NOT available in our stores. We’ll be sending out an email to those customers — who have their email listed with us — who may have purchased the affected Rad Cat products.


Please feel free to contact any of our stores to discuss this recall further.

What's New at Chuck & Don's

Find the latest and tastiest toys, treats and supplies for your pet.

Here’s what’s new at Chuck & Don’s.

Dharma Dog Karma Cat

Dharma Dog Karma Cat offers extraordinary beds and toys for your pets by partnering with women’s collectives, socially conscious artisans and family run businesses in Nepal.


Handmade from Himalayan wool

Using a technique called wet-felting, the only materials used to make these items are pure wool, natural soap and water. With safe, non-toxic dyes, creating these toys and beds uses less energy, produces less waste byproduct and is environmentally sustainable.


Donut toys for dogs or cats

While your pet may not care how cute their bed and toys are, they will love them for good reason. The Himalayan wool used for the toys and beds is not chemically cleansed, so it has a lot of lanolin in it.

Lanolin is the natural oil unique to sheep’s wool. It naturally attracts your pet, is anti-microbial and is naturally odor resistant. Lanolin oil also conditions their paws and helps keep fur healthy and shiny. For cats, it’s a calming smell that reminds them of their mother.

Lulubelles Toys

Your favorite summertime treats are now available as a squeakable or crunchable dog toys.


Lulubelles – Dr Pooper

Every Lulubelle plush dog toy has at least one squeaker or crinkle paper for added surprise. The extra layer of durable mesh is fused to the toys inside for additional strength.

Make afternoon playtime a special treat for both of you.


Lulubelles – Barker’s Mark

ROAM Bones

ROAM pet treats offers the best the world has to offer. The novel proteins in ROAM’s line are lower in calories and fat than many conventional treats, are non-allergenic since they introduce protein variety into the diet, and are raised naturally and sustainably.


ROAM – Wetlands Crocodile


ROAM – Ostrich

Bocce’s Soft & Chewy

Bocce’s Bakery new treats are perfect for training, for dogs with small teeth or for pups needing extra soft rewards. With all-natural ingredients, these treats are an easy win for both pets and their people.


Bocce’s Soft & Chewy – Salmon

Rawbble by BIXBI

BIXBI expanded its Rawbble line to provide healthy, wholesome meals for more dogs.

Rawbble Wet Food for Dogs is grain free, potato free and tapioca free. With a focus on clean, limited ingredients, Rawbble Wet Foods do not include meals, carrageenan or other gums like guar, xanthan or cassia. With simple, whole food ingredients, use this recipe as a complete diet or as a food topper.


Rawbble Wet Food for Dogs

Rawbble Dry Food for Dogs is specially created for gut, renal and colon health. Fresh proteins and carbohydrates like lentil and whole peas make this a low glycemic diet. Its optimized for amino acid absorption, offers balanced fiber levels and presents the right quality and quantity of fresh meat proteins.


Rawbble Dry Food for Dogs

Exclusively Dog

These s’mores flavored dog treats will boost your dog’s evening. With flavors of graham, carob and marshmallow, the campfire bursts out of these mini sandwiches. All cookies are natural and made with kosher ingredients.


Exclusively Dog Cookies – S’mores

Where to Find What’s New

Find our new products at any Chuck & Don’s. Selections may vary by location, so always call ahead if you’re looking for a particular product.

Picky Eater Approved

Only the good stuff goes into Stella & Chewy’s treats, foods and toppers.

Based on the principle that your dog deserves the very best, Stella & Chewy’s crafts its diets to deliver best-in-class nutrition.

Using premium ingredients like grass-fed beef and organic fruits and vegetables, only the finest foods go into each bag. Meat is always the first ingredient, and you’ll never find added hormones, antibiotics or artificial preservatives.

Why raw?

Eating raw mimics the way dogs once ate in the wild. According to Stella & Chewy’s, a raw diet promotes healthy digestion, creates a vibrant skin and coat and aids in healthy teeth and gums.

Get your $3 off coupon and learn more about Stella & Chewy’s.

Find Stella & Chewy’s at our stores or online at

Rawbble by BIXBI

rawbble-bixbiKeep sniffing.

That’s what BIXBI® wants you to do. With a mission to provide dogs with the absolute best nutrition, BIXBI relies on trusted ingredient sourcing and USA manufacturing.

The ingredient lists may be short, but they are filled with carefully selected foods that can make a real impact on your dog’s health.

Right now, BIXBI offers three different types of Rawbble® dog food: freeze dried, wet food and dry food.

Freeze Dried Rawbble

Delicious and nutritious, BIXBI Rawbble Freeze Dried combines the whole-animal nutrients of a raw food with the convenience of kibble. Rawbble is 98% meat, bones and organs to provide your pup with a healthy source of protein and to help give them healthy teeth and gums too.

Rawbble uses freeze-dried technology to lock more naturally sourced essential nutrients into every bite. And it’s available in four different proteins to satisfy every pup’s palate.

Rawbble Wet Food

The new Rawbble Wet Food for Dogs is grain free, potato free and tapioca free. The pork recipe is 96% single-source pork, pork liver & pork broth. With a focus on clean, limited ingredients, Rawbble Wet Foods do not include meals, carrageenan or other gums like guar, xanthan or cassia.

Designed to be a complete diet or food topper, the whole food ingredient recipes are simple and delicious.

Rawbble Dry Food

The new Rawbble Dry Food for Dogs was developed with your dog’s health in mind.  With ingredients selected for gut, renal and colon health, BIXBI maintained its awesome flavors pups love.

Protein from fresh meats, and carbohydrates from lentils and whole peas replace commonly found ingredients like meals, pea protein powder, potato or rice.

This new low glycemic diet optimizes amino acid absorption, offers balanced fiber levels and presents the right quality and quantity of fresh meat proteins.

Rawbble at Chuck & Don’s

Find all three Rawbble lines at any of our Chuck & Don’s stores or online at

Pups & Ice Cream Cups with Ruff Start Rescue

Join Ruff Start Rescue and Chuck & Don’s for a celebration of National Ice Cream Day!

For a $3-$5 donation to Ruff Start Rescue, your dog receives a scoop of dog-safe ice cream and access to the toppings bar. Toppings include pumpkin, peanut butter, freeze-dried treats and more.  You can even make a bone broth or goat milk float for your pup.

Visit any of these 5 locations to join the fun:

More information here:

Use the hashtag #pupsncups to join the fun on social media!

Special thanks to our vendor donations:

Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter

Super Snouts

Northwest Naturals


Wild Meadow Farms

The Honest Kitchen

Puppy Scoops

Nature’s Variety Instinct

Fromm's Family Tradition of Quiet Innovation


Family owned and operated since 1904, Fromm knows the skill and dedication needed to create the finest pet food.

Early on, Fromm Family Foods established itself in producing the best.

Based on extensive nutritional research and with the intent create the best food for silver foxes, Fromm worked with Dr. Roberts to pioneer premium pet foods. Together, they created some of the first kibble for pets.

Formerly, pets ate table scraps or whatever was available. With this new kibble, owners had incredible convenience, and pets had better nutrition.

Each kibble provided a balanced diet with the specific nutrients for the animal’s optimum health.

While this is standard for today’s pet foods, this innovation kept Fromm at the forefront of premium pet food then and now.

With five generations of experience and dedication, Fromm’s quality is steeped in understanding and promoting micro and macro nutrients. Always focusing on doing what’s best for its customers, employees and business, Fromm Family Foods takes a long-term approach to creating the best pet food.

This future vision means Fromm Family Foods is always committed to the customers, the development never stops and the food quality is of the utmost importance.

In true Midwest form, Fromm Family Foods continues its quiet innovation in giving customers only the best pet foods.

Best Selling Fromm Foods

Find these popular Fromm foods at our stores or online at


Video Source: Fromm Family Foods History 1904-2014 from Fromm Family Foods on Vimeo.

New Dog Treats and Food

We’re always searching for the most enticing food and treats.

Here are our new products in stores now.

Gibson’s™ Toasted Bacons


Gibson’s Toasted Bacons

Opening the bag brings a wave of irresistible bacon aroma. With no grains, high-quality meats and flavors for all doggy preferences, Gibson’s Toasted Bacons taste, smell and look just like bacon. They’re the treat you just need to try.

They’re made and packaged in the USA at a USDA-certified facility. Locally sourced is in the DNA of its makers, so of course that’s the first approach for creating these high-reward treats.

Find Gibson’s Toasted Bacons online or in our stores.

Wild Meadow Farms™ Premium Dog Treats


Wild Meadow Farms – Minis

Choose bite-sized or mini strips to find the perfect treat size for your dog. Family-owned and run Wild Meadow Farms created these natural jerky texture treats with no sugar, salt, corn, wheat or soy. Almost no dogs turn down these high-quality treats.

The minis are versatile as a training treat, food topper and a high-frequency and low calorie treat for increasing your human-animal bond.

Bites are easy to portion, making them ideal for pet owners with multiple size dogs. Just tear up the treats into different sizes to suit each pet.

Both treats are soft, so even senior dogs or dogs with dental issues can enjoy them.

Buy Wild Meadow Farms in our stores or at

Earthborn® Holistic Venture™


Earthborn Holistic Venture

With limited-ingredients and single-source proteins, Earthborn Holistic Venture may be right for your dog, especially if you battle with a picky eater or a sensitive stomach. Learn more about Earthborn Holistic Venture.