Boo Boo's Best


Have you tried our new Boo Boo’s Best treats?

Combining health and taste, they’re an ideal option for training treats or as food toppers.

Exotic Proteins

Dogs and cats can develop sensitivities to proteins over time. These protein sensitivities can trigger allergies, itching, digestive issues and inflammation. Boo Boo’s Best features proteins such as goat, alligator and rabbit that may be less likely to trigger allergies or digestive issues.

Single Ingredient

For picky eaters or those with allergies, Boo Boo’s Best single protein treats make it easy to feed your pet a variety of delicious treats. You won’t have to worry about additional, unknown ingredients triggering a reaction.

Wild, grass-fed and family-farmed meats are blended with fruits, vegetables and coconut oils. These single-protein treats are then slowly dehydrated to preserve nutrients and taste.

No Grains

These grain-free, potato-free treats are created for all dogs, even those with sensitivities or weight issues.


Pets, like humans, experience inflammation. Omega-3 Fatty Acids have anti-inflammatory properties that benefit joints, heart, immune system, skin and nails.

Use Them Two Ways

These tasty treats are the perfect high-reward as you’re training or treating your pet.

If you have a picky eater, try adding Boo Boo’s Best as a food topper for their meals to help them join the clean bowl club. If you’re working with a veterinarian on your dog’s nutrition, ask them before adding treats or toppers to their diet.

Buy Online or In Our Stores

Shop our online selection of Boo Boo’s Best treats or find them at a Chuck & Don’s near you.

The Story Behind Boo Boo’s Best

Jocelyn is a strong believer in feeding her pets and herself whole, natural foods. Her quest to create wholesome pet treats started when her dog, Boo Boo, started having issues with digestion, diarrhea, hunger and failure to gain weight.

After receiving her Certificate in Canine Nutrition from Natural Academy of Health Sciences, Jocelyn developed 100% natural dog and cat treats recipes.
Boo Boo’s Best is committed to creating treats made from only the best, most natural and healthful ingredients. To make sure Jocelyn keeps her promise, Boo Boo holds the position of President of Taste and Tummy Testing and personal puts his paw of approval on everything made by Boo Boo’s Best.