great northern

  1. East, South, West and North Oaks!

    We want to cover all points of your great northern compass and our newest is NOW OPEN in North Oaks, Minnesota! From careful turtle crossings, a vigilant Tick Task Force and the delightful Radley Place, we are already charmed by the former James J. Hill's farm-turned-city featuring a quiet woodsy escape surrounding Pleasant Lake in the heart of our Twin Cities. As our 27th Twin Cities-area store, team members bring their expert customer service and product knowledge customers have come to expect to North Oaks. Enjoy this special offer with an exclusive sneak peek through August 20, 2017. Premium food and treats from Minnesota and Wisconsin are included in our store selection. We can't wait to meet our community neighbors and connect with local animal organizations through our events, foster cat program and fundraisers. Chuck & Don's customers, champions and national

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