Why don’t you offer a frequent feeder program on all foods?


We buy Taste of the Wild dog food. A number of other dog foods you carry are on a program where you by so many and you get one free. Why is this not available for the Taste of the Wild?


Our frequent buyer program is an optional program that each manufacturer has the option of joining. The free bags are actually a manufacturer coupon, so some manufacturers decide not to participate for a variety of reasons.

Taste of the Wild offers an everyday great price and is still the most economical option for grain free. While we wish all of our brands would participate, we don’t control that. You do still earn a percentage back on your Taste of the Wild purchases on your quarterly rebate and sometimes they do have coupons in the Bark’n’Mews. If you are interested in switching to a brand that does participate, just stop into your local Chuck & Don’s and we would be happy to show you several options.

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