The Product

A fun, modern brand of dry dog food on a mission to shake things up. It has everything a quality kibble should—real meat protein as the first ingredient, all-natural ingredients—but no grain, corn, wheat, soy or by-products. It’s even made in the Midwest with ingredients primarily sourced from the U.S (the rest are all from trusted countries as well).

Why We Love It

Roosevelt is transparent about their ingredients. It’s the first thing you’ll notice (once you get over how cool the bag looks). Right in front, it lists what they do and don’t use, which is a lot easier than having to scan and analyze the ingredient list. And while some brands just list “protein” without telling you how much comes from plants or meat, Roosevelt puts their percentage of meat protein out there. In fact, they even mapped out where all their ingredients come from.

What Makes It Different

The recipe names are fun but what’s really different is how similar they are (give us a sec, we’ll explain). Each one has their own unique meat protein source but consistent base ingredients to make it easy to transition between flavors.

Why That Matters

Switching up a protein source is a great way to prevent food allergies, dietary deficiencies and imbalances—not to mention boredom. You can surprise your dog with beef one night and fish the next, without worrying about them having some serious digestive woes.

Who Should Use It

Right now, it’s only available for dogs (sorry kitties), and it’s a very well-balanced diet for puppies, adults and seniors. But remember, any dry food is tricky for older dogs, who might not be getting enough water and may need a food with a higher moisture content. Also, if your dog has diabetes or is at risk for it, Roosevelt is a great choice thanks to its low glycemic index.

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