The cuddle sessions. The long summer walks. The never-ending stream of pictures your friends and family are sure to endure. Sounds like you’re thinking about adopting a new pet! It can be fun, exciting and sometimes even a little scary. But no worries. Here are a few things to consider along the way.

First things first. Adopting a pet is a big commitment. It takes time, money, patience and sacrifice. Think hard about all of the training, care, interaction, and expenses that come along with it. Are you ready to do this? It’s a huge undertaking - but also hugely rewarding.

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to bring a pet into your home, Petfinder.com is a great place to start. But it’s not the only option. Check Facebook. Ask friends. Search the net. Tap into local community groups. There are lots of resources out there. Also take the time to check into their reputations. With online ratings, word-of-mouth and mission statements, you can learn how they treat their animals and what you can expect during adoption.

Now it’s time to pick your pet. Or maybe for your pet to pick you. Do you have enough time for a puppy? Or would an older dog fit your lifestyle better? Or maybe you want something even more independent, like a cat. Take your time and know that it’s okay to say no, even though those very cute puppy eyes may be telling you otherwise. You really want to be sure they’re the right lifelong partner for you.

Before you bring home your new furry addition, make sure your house is ready. Take care of any clear issues or dangers. Things like exposed electrical cords should be hidden, small choking hazards removed from the floor or easily accessible areas, and so on.

After you’ve done all of the above, remember you have a huge community of support ready to help. We’re always here to help answer any question. We can recommend toys, treats, food and help you with training, grooming, daycare and vet services.

Enjoy every little bit of the journey. The joy a pet can bring into your life is like no other. 

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