What should I feed my cat with kidney disease?


Millie has just been diagnosed with early kidney disease. I need wet and dry food for her that is low in protein. And something that will put some weight beck on her if that is possible. What do you recommend?

Both my cats love their Fromm’s dry over anything else (as in refuse to eat anything not Fromm’s). I like cat food where I can read the label. I believe that I need something with vegetables.

We free feed so I need something both girls will eat. Wet is easier–they each get a can a day–half a can in the am and the other 1/2 at night.


We have several options that could potentially help sweet Millie. Eating something is better than eating nothing, so our finicky cats do tend to dictate their own diet at times no matter what we believe is best for them. My first recommendation would be to switch up the ladies’ diet and provide a high quality protein with low ash, phosphorus and magnesium as it’s the minerals and amino acids in protein that are damaging to kidneys, not meat protein itself. Getting protein from vegetables can actually increase the mineral content of a food, and cats are true carnivores with no real need for veggies in their diet anyway. Weruva’s cans with de-boned meats in their classic, BFF, and Cats in the Kitchen lines; Lotus’ hand packed, stewed meats; Fussie Cat; and Tiki Cat’s Gourmet Carnivore line along with several others all cater to the cat that needs a low phosphorus/magnesium/ash diet. Wet foods are far better for kidneys than any dry kibble as a dry food requires a higher carbohydrate concentration. If you must feed a dry food, look at Now Fresh by Petcurean, Lotus, and Feline Caviar to find the lowest ash/phosphorus/magnesium content. Please do stop in and talk with one of our associates about your concerns so we may better guide you with both of your cats’ needs.

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