What can I do for my cat that is always hungry without feeding him too much and causing weight gain?


I have a middle aged neutered cat that was quite overweight (18lbs), he was eating a diet of just dry kibble. After some research I discovered that canned food is much healthier for him and switched him to Chicken Soup for the Cat’s Soul and 9 Lives Super Supper. He lost 2lbs over 3-4 months. Since the change he seems to always be hungry and meows all the time and begs for food. He’s driving us nuts! He eats a little over one can of food each day that is spread out throughout the day. We are seriously considering putting him up for adoption his constant yowling is stressing us out! Help! Do you have any recommendations?


It sounds as though he is not getting enough to eat. Looking at the feeding guidelines on some of the canned foods we carry they recommend feeding one can per 6 – 8lbs of body weight. Based on that he should be getting two cans of food per day, if he is only eating the canned food. Grain free foods are a great way to go. Cats are carnivores and do not require grains in their diets. Also, grains are a source of carbohydrates, which can cause weight gain. Canned food is good for cats, especially if they are not drinking enough water. If your cat is getting enough water you may want to add a high quality grain free dry food to his diet along with the canned food. You would then need to cut back on the amount of canned food you are feeding. There are many good ones on the market today. Many animals on grain free diets lose the fat and gain muscle mass.

If you are feeding any “Lite” foods they are usually higher in fiber and cause the food to move through the body at a faster rate. This can also cause the animal to be hungry at times.

You may want to try increasing the amount of food you are feeding and see if that satisfies your cat’s appetite. Feeding too little can cause a slow-down in their metabolism and they will not drop the weight as quickly.

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