Valentine’s Day & Your Pets

Your sweetest friend deserves extra love on Valentine’s Day.

Look Fantastic

Everyone wants to look their best on Valentine’s Day. Add a Huxley & Kent bow tie or flower to spruce up any outfit. Complete the look with a red collar, harness or leash. For red-to-toe look, add fleece-lined Canada Pooch wellies to protect your dog’s paws from salt, cold and winter conditions.

Valentine’s Day & Your Pets


Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a few extra goodies to munch on. For dessert-loving dogs, treat them with Puppy Scoops ice cream for dogs. Add extra crunch on top by crumbling Mutt Mallows, Wild Meadow Farms jerky treats or freeze-dried kibble on top.

If you want a simple solution, find a cute heart-shaped treat that’s the right shape and size for your pup.

Valentine’s Day & Your Pets

For cats, bring in the mousse and freeze-dried treats. Tiki Cat Stix are a creamy, tasty snack that cats love. The single-serve packages make it easy to treat your cat anytime. Freeze-dried treats by Pure Vita are what cats consider pure goodness. The nutrition-packed bites delight even picky cats.

Gifts for All

You might need time to yourself on Valentine’s Day. Stuff a Kong with treats, peanut butter (make sure it’s xylitol free) or wet food to keep your pet happy and entertained. Make it last longer by freezing treats in the Kong.

Add eye-widening excitement to your cat’s evening with catnip and silvervine toys. These non-toxic, non-addictive herbs cause euphoria in most cats and may also help relieve stress and anxiety. Mad Cat toys combine catnip and silvervine to create give cats the ultimate experience. Silvervine is similar to catnip and usually elicits a response for cats who don’t experience catnip.

Finally, a new toy makes everyone’s day. Let your dog squeak to her heart’s content with love-themed toys. Give kitties a new eye-catching toy from Kong to bat around the living room.

Valentine’s Day & Your Pets

Safety Tips for Valentine’s Day

No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s important to think of your pet’s safety.

  1. Keep human desserts and snacks out-of-reach from pets. Pets can snatch your treats from the counter, end table or out of a gift bag, so keep these in out-of-reach locations.

  2. Check that candy isn’t accessible to your pets, since many contain ingredients harmful for pets. Xylitol is sweetener that’s toxic to pets, and chocolate can be toxic in even the smallest doses. So, don’t feel bad keeping your sweets to yourself.

  3. Light candles in places where your pets can’t knock them over or get too close.

  4. Put flowers in out-of-reach areas. Pets are often drawn to plants, but some flowers can cause severe reactions if pets nibble on them.

  5. If you’re leaving for the evening, do a quick scan around the house to make sure any candy, chocolate or flowers are in secure locations.

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